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A message to President Obama

May 23, 2013

FLINT — If I had the chance to say one thing to President Obama about his leadership and the actions of his administration in recent days, it would be “You’re better than this....

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Jun-13-13 3:47 PM


and your Ilk,

Here is a quiz or test for use.

You may make use of those choices listed,

with whom you may contact for an explanation of the following sentence, below.


1) an intellectual - if you know one

2) a person who is biased - you know many

3) a person who has already may up his mind - you and your ilk

4) and a not so, endangered species,

slow, dim-witted, dullard, half-wit, ignorant, stupid, or a combination of all these,

not much different from yourselves.

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Jun-13-13 3:40 PM

Here then is your test or quiz, if you will or won’t:

I have found that the most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man or woman, if they have not formed any idea of these subjects beforehand….

But, the simplest thing cannot be made CLEAR, to most men and women, even those that think or indeed have intelligence,

If he is firmly, previously persuaded, that he knows already,

Without a shadow of a doubt,

Of which is laid or presented before him.

Make haste to make fun of me, or

debauche me,

if you will,

it only exacerbates your identity as to …

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Jun-08-13 5:58 PM

Good to see froggy and Whiz are still up to the same old arguements.

Same defense of them too. If you disagree you are dumb and didn't go to college.

Proof of unintelligence could be found in trying to show everyone just how intelligent you think you are. In simple language if you need to tell people you're intelligent, you probably aren't.

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May-24-13 2:54 PM

Thank you, kiddingyounot,



gluttoness, voracious,

covetous, demanding,

desirous, devouring,

edacious, exigent,

gorging, gourmandizing,

greedy, gross,

hoggish, insatiable,

intemperate, importunate,

never full, omnivorous,

piggish, piggy,

prodigious, quenchless

rapacious, ravening,

ravenous, sating,

starved, starving,

unappeasable, unquenchable,

unsatisfiable wolfish

I have courteously left these words ALPHALAUGABLE order to facilitate your use of the American Heritage College Dictionary to enable you to check out these words and their meanings.

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May-24-13 2:51 PM


If you haven’t been to COLLEGE,

you probably don’t know about word order, spelling, and comprehension of word defections,

abjection, advection,

affection, bisection,

collection, complexion,

confection, connection,

convection, correction ..

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May-24-13 2:46 PM


If you haven’t been to COLLEGE,

you probably don’t know how the dictionary works, about word order, spelling, and comprehension of word defections, abjection, advection, affection, bisection, collection, complexion, confection, connection, convection, correction.

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May-24-13 10:30 AM

The IRS was following its mission

to root out


cheets, and

those in the republican and democratic parties,

the rich,

the corporations,

who were breaking the law for claiming tax exemption under the rule of 501 a and 501 c entities.

The laws for anyone claiming IRS exemption status under the 501 provisions, are perfectly clear.

These ‘provisions’ were not created for the rich, the republicans, the democrats,

to launder their money on anything that remotely resembles politics and political involvement.

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May-24-13 10:28 AM

Just as our churches use their religious status for tax exemption and get away with interfering with the political process, so too,

have the rich, the republicans and democrats thought, erroneously, that they had achieved entry to Camelot,

with unlimited, secret spending and tax exemption status with the passage of yet another tax loophole?

The IRS should be congratulated for its scrutiny of all these entities and their covert use for influence pedaling over our elections, and lobbying efforts.

And, the DOJ must immediately prosecute these scofflaws.

Our 501 laws are explicit, why should we attack the very organization charged with tax exemptions, when every other regulator looks the other way, even the FBI, SEC, and the DOJ.

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May-24-13 10:01 AM

Maybe, frog's post got a nit to look-up a 'big' word ?

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May-23-13 9:12 PM

Obama is a failure, plain and simple... That said, NO president is concerned with bettering the country, only fattening his wallet.

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May-23-13 3:07 PM

I think you have it all wrong. Your argument is that well the Republicans have done it for years....blah blah big word, blah. Perplexed says the last administration was at fault (agreed).... Why is the the answer to compare to other poor examples? I will go on record, I do not like either party, I do not trust either party, I did not trust Bush and I do not trust Obama. Comparing them to each other is useless, no matter the thesaurus being used. A lie is a lie, an unnecessary death is still a tragedy. If the other guy caused 1000, it does not allow this guy to cause 1.(Feel free to use your word processor to substitute synonyms as needed to feed your ego Froggy.)

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May-23-13 11:40 AM

I agree with Andy to a point.

There is no god given right to a 501(c)4 exemption. The group must prove that it is in fact a valid group that will follow the law. There is ample prove that the bulk of the Tea Party groups are not following the law, plus under the Code a group DOES NOT have to file with the IRS. A tempest in a TEA POT. Libya - At least he did not lie to get us into a wa so he could beat his chest and create profits for himself and his supporters;ie Bush, Chaney and Rummy Dumbie. The phone records - He should have gotten court authorization for it, something which Bush and Chaney attempted to remove from the Constitution via their Star Chamber mentality. Please remember since the Republicans were smashed in November the only playbook they have is destroy anything that is positive for the nation. The Republicans created both the Great Depression and the Great Recession and if it had not been for them losing in 2008 we would be in another Great Depression.

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May-23-13 11:18 AM


Have you been living under a rock?

‘cool-aide’ ?

Reference to cool-aide is both neologistic, trite and a cliché.

You use poor didactic amophisms like an ill-tutored sophomore.

Republicans and their plutocracy, oligarchy, the rich, and their corporations have enabled themselves to covertly subvert the political, legislative and democratic processes for years…

For far years longer than when you received your first slap.

Rumpelstilzchen and Rip van Winkel are both alive and well in you.

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May-23-13 10:46 AM

He is NOT better than that..., that's the issue. I remember hearing "Chicago style politics" during the campaign...honestly I knew that was a shot at labeling a corrupt system that has been in place in Chicago for years...I had no idea that it could go National to the extent it has...and remember, these are only the things they screwed up and got caught on...what else is there? It's not Obama's fault, he showed who he was, we had the chance to see it, but not everyone cared, or some wanted so bad to believe, they drank the cool aid. Shame on America. I always hear how the "buck stops here" or the responsibility rests with the president. I don't believe that, what happened is all our faults for voting this fraud into office. We need to move away from Democrats and Republicans, there is good and bad about both, but that's just it, with the good you absolutely get the bad. End the two party monopoly and there may be hope.

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