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Escanaba says yes to Bell’s Brewery

City council drops price of land by $5,000

April 26, 2013

ESCANABA — Escanaba welcomed a new business to the city not only with words but through action Thursday....

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Apr-26-13 11:03 AM

A signal is that if you own or are purchasing a home "screw you". The same assine thinking of Synder and all Republicans. In business he offers 35k, you counteroffer an amount higher than 35k and you settle on a price. You don't go below his origional offer. Is and has the whole City Council or some members of it been rewarded for the 5k reduction? Something smells very rotten in Denmark and Escanaba. You must investigate and honestly report the results if you call yuourself a true newspaper.

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Apr-26-13 1:34 PM

Could Bell's have afforded to pay the full price for the land? I'm sure they could have. Reducing the price by $5,000 was a goodwill gesture on the part of the City. Let's remember the City still gets $30,000 they wouldn't have gotten otherwise, but more importantly we will have at least five good-paying jobs in the area, plus the construction jobs, the spinoff employment and trade in local businesses, and the tax base into the future. I'd rather see a well-established firm like Bell's come in and start small here than some splashy startup promising lots of jobs that it can't deliver. Solyndra, anyone?

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Apr-26-13 2:06 PM

Bringing in a new business to the community is going to generate a lot more than the 5 grand that the city wont get. Whatever your politics perplexed, you have no idea what your talking about. Period. Why dont you file a suit against the members of the council if your so sure they did something underhand? The council should have given him the property for $1. Because it is far more valuable to have him here paying wages and taxes than it is to get a few pennies for the land. Only thing rotten in Esky is you.

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Apr-27-13 10:28 PM

Just wondering what kind of tax abatements and for how long. Will the city also have to pay for a new road and parking lot. Will Mr. Bell hire local contractors to build the brewery. Just wondering. I do think it is great and hope Mr. Bell's Upper Hand Brewery is a great success and grows quickly.

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Apr-28-13 11:03 AM


Bell has stated (and why the Press didn't use the quote, I don't know) that he plans on using local contractors and suppliers as much as possible.

Plus, given he and his company's commitment to doing things responsibly, I suspect that there are more good things to come. Just check out some of the sustainability and farming efforts that they're up to.

Sources: Quote: ***********imabeerhound****/michigan-brewery-news/bells-brewery-inc-says-yescanaba.html

Sustainability: *******bellsbeer****/about/sustainability/

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Apr-29-13 3:32 PM

@wereintroublenow - wait a second mister, this city 'did' sell property for $1.00 - including a mess of rules and rusty boats and such.. and for years after that tried to find reason to YANK that property back.. You speak as if the Council were being generous with their 'own' money. - It's a common misconception.. but that $5k, which the Brewery was willing to pay, would go a long way to patching the road outside my house here.. or anyone else's.. We're so strapped for cash we're willing to SELL cheaper than someone is willing to pay? Yeah, it's easy to be GENEROUS when it's NOT YOUR MONEY you're tossing around. Perplexed has a valid point. Of course, it's not YOUR money either.. so you can be just as supportive of such a move as you like.. Meanwhile, the curbs and gutters outside my house are crumbling and patched so bad it's sad.. But hey!.. we warmly welcome another Business in town! Because of their City REVENUE ability.. Public Service?.. eh?! Not so much!

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Apr-29-13 3:35 PM

Heck, there's probably a whole string of Contractors on the "Investors" list for Bells.. and you can bet your boots.. 'they' will get first dibs on any 'building' up here.. that's usually how it goes.. I suppose I'd do the same thing if I had 'investors' in my business who built things.. There's nothing in the contract with the City stipulating that LOCAL labor and resources are to be used either.. So the 5 jobs?.. Well, heck. they're probably packing their suit-cases right now anxious to move here. with a job guaranteed!..

I can't wait to taste the brew though.. It oughta be pretty good.. it's made in the Yoop!..

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May-02-13 12:38 PM

That would be great EStac, then we could have 5 families who could shop here and stimulate our economy! Maybe even have kids in the school district and buy some new houses - maybe even ones built by local contractors...

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