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Debate over wolf hunt continues

Senate committee moves to counter vote

April 13, 2013

MARQUETTE — The state Senate Natural Resources, Environment and Great Lakes Committee passed legislation to the full Senate on a 5-2 vote Thursday that could counter efforts by animal rights......

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Apr-16-13 8:17 AM

obviously didnt finish my last comment. What i was trying to say is if you think killing all the wolves is the solution, than you are a extremist as well, just with a different opinion. I say if they need to be managed i dont think it should be by a bunch of so called hunters whos only reason for being out there is to kill a animal they hate... The UP is a perfect habitat for wolves and deer alike, if you dont like it move downstate.. I dont understand people that wanna live on the edge of wilderness but dont want the wildlife, you cant have 1 and not the other.

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Apr-15-13 6:31 PM

To the idiots who disagree with my comment, If you think killing all the wolves in the UP, you ARE a EXTREMIST.. Just the a**h*ole kind.... :)

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Apr-15-13 4:23 PM

I hear the Wolf Population has dwindled and is in danger on the island..

Live trap program, air lift them to a remote location further north or even out of the Yoop..

Or simply SLAUGHTER them in a bloody frenzy to be the first to get the BIGGEST BADDEST LOOKING WALL MOUNT.. and the chest thumping pride and Dominate Grunt as you pose by it with your beer in one hand and rifle in the other.

Y'know the 'REAL' intelligent species on this planet can figure out a more 'humane' way of animal control. but to make a SPORT out of it?..

"OMG! Fred, we didn't keep count, you just shot the last non-sterile wolf on the planet!.. "

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Apr-15-13 4:14 PM

Debate on any subject is 'good' - in this case.. "Who speaks 'for' the Wolf?" Certainly not the Hunter, chomping at the bit to shoot something with fur on it for throphy.. The Farmer?.. heck no!.. that wolf is a pest!.. kill it! Folks scared out of their wits by social fed comments about their children or pets being carried off?.. naw!.. that Wolf, you know.. by legend is simply a KILLER.. let's eradicate it - Sell more guns, license, and bullets.. Make the hunter happy.. but y'know. the KILLING of any creature shouldn't be made into a SPORT.. if there's an 'over population' (simply because man says so) and it's taking away from another past time he enjoys (Killing DEER).. how about we simply give the DNR the 'job' of thinning the wolf population.. Live trap and relocate them.. let them LIVE on this planet just as we all do!.. Why must they be KILLED?... Why?

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Apr-14-13 11:23 PM

And no i dont think anyone who hunts is a extremist, thats just ignorance on your behalf.

I would say half the people i know hunt and fish, Im more into fishing myself. But i eat meat everday lol and enjoy venison as much as the next person. Now that you know im not a tree hugging hippie I thank you for answering my question. Ill think ill take a ride on of these nights and hope i see one.

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Apr-14-13 11:12 PM

I was referring to anyones comment that was along the lines of kill all the wolves(which is obviously some peoples idea of wolf management around here), which is a extremist approach wouldnt you say? Only difference is one is for wolves, and the other is not.

Wolves are not out to kill you LOL, Id be willing to bet deer cause more deaths than wolves do in the US each year. Certainly around here.

I live in the middle of delta county as well, i hear coyotes every night, maybe thats what your hearing.

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Apr-14-13 3:15 PM

So where is the science behind this bill? Legislators ignored science when they passed PA 520 designating the wolf a game animal. Now, that it is in the hands of the NRC, they invite an officer from Safari Club International and a representative from Montana (how much did that cost the state?) to speak, meanwhile, they ignored 2 nationally recognized (possibly world recognized)Michigan researchers. I hope legislators are paying attention - 253,000 signatures from across the state will be rendered meaningless - that is a lot of registered voters who are watching.

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Apr-14-13 10:50 AM

Mike, What is extreme about what I posted?

If "Meat is murder" to you, you are an extremist. If you believe an animal has more right to live than a human being, you are an extremist. It is pretty simple to see if you are not an extremist. Calling me an extremist is a real stretch. I assume you are saying anyone who hunts is an extremist to you. Maybe that is not what you are saying. Hard to tell what your message is when you made such little sense.

You have never seen a wolf? Really? I see them all the time here in Delta County. I hear them a lot as well. Had one right in my back yard one summer night. I have seen them numerous times between Rock and McFarland on 35. See them often on the backroads of the county as well. Take a ride some day just after daybreak or just before nightfall. You will see them. Lots of Wolves in the UP.

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Apr-14-13 6:37 AM

@ shlort, so you wouldnt consider other people posting on here who share the same opinion as yours 'extremists'??? LOL hypocrite

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Apr-14-13 6:34 AM

Where are all the wolves at? what counties, townships? Im all over delta and marquette county. several trips back and forth from green bay to marquette, ishpeming, escanaba and up and down highway 13 and have only heard wolves 2 times and never seen any(but would like to before all the trigger happy yoopers kill em all).. So where could someone see some wolves or even wolf sign?

i think part of the problem here is these "hunters" are too lazy and have gotten use to just walking 50 yards in the woods, sitting for 20 minutes and then leaving with there kill. Hunting should be to provide food and in that case there are plenty of deer up here for everyone(predators included). Besides wolf packs have natural ways to even out there numbers. wolves wont tolerate rival packs in there territory(which is usualy quite large)..

Back to my question, Where?

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Apr-13-13 8:17 PM

How do they come up with the number of 47? That's an "odd" number, no pun intended. Seriously, why not 45, or 50? I don't support the shooting of ANY wolves, but how do they arrive at the scientific conclusion that 47 is the magic number? And what scientific formula did they use to arrive at this number?

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Apr-13-13 5:11 PM

Increase the deer herd, shoot the wolves!!

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Apr-13-13 12:54 PM

Unfortunately, some people fail to understand, this bill is not about wolves, it is about taking away the right of citizens to challenge wildlife laws and decisions made by NRC. The NRC is a politically appointed body without a scientific background.

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Apr-13-13 12:39 PM

Ooo, cool. The wolf protection advocates' responding constitutional amendment, Michigan Wildlife Protection Amendment -

A statement that the fish and wildlife of the State of Michigan are held in trust for the use of the people of the state of Michigan, and that that all residents should have an equal right to hunt, fish, and in nonconsumptive ways enjoy the presence of Michigan's wildlife. That such fish and wildlife shall be managed according to the principles of sound science, and that this does not preclude humane considerations in such management, and includes the preservation of the natural social structure of wildlife in that management.

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Apr-13-13 10:25 AM

They are not "animal rights activists", they are animal rights extremists.

Describing these people as "activists" make them sound like casual wildlife supporters. These groups are basically terrorists organizations with members who would rather see a human dead than a hamburger eaten.

That is the reason that these groups should never have a seat at the table of debate.

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