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Local Head Start loses $150,000

Sequester forces shortened year

April 10, 2013

ESCANABA — Federal sequestration has led to reduction of the Head Start school year by up to 3 1/2 weeks in Menominee, Delta and Schoolcraft counties....

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Apr-10-13 3:18 PM

Just call it daycare.

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Apr-10-13 6:31 PM

Just call it another "free entitlement".

Republicans are all about cuting "entitlements",

if it isn't a benefit for themselves and their bank accounts!

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Apr-11-13 6:37 PM

It's a mere 5% of a total budget! Whomever chose to place those cuts directly in the path of the programs directly effecting the kids is to blame for any 'woe and grief' - You don't see any of those employees stepping up to 'offer' 5% of their paycheck to HELP the situation do ya?!.. Heck no!.. and you don't see these groups or agencies 'making do' with the money GIVEN to them.. "Groups 'loses' money" ? do you LOSE something you never had?! you have a BUDGET given to you, and because of the times.. it was CUT a mere 5%!... get over it, move on.. But you chose to take it to the paper!.. to gather public scorn for the 5% cut!.. you should be thankful it wasn't 25%..

I'm sick now.. I think I'll vomit!

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Apr-11-13 9:29 PM

Leftwich you must not have any affiliation with head start if you call it "daycare". I have 3 kids one who graduated from head start last year, and one due to graduate this year and a toddler starting in the fall. This is an amazing program that helps not only the children but their families as well. I'm ashamed that people we elect to "balance the budget" can't handle a paycut of their paychecks. Good greif before you call it daycare sit through a class and see what is involved.

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Apr-12-13 7:52 AM

@Rosangel, I see it every day - you forgot to mention it 'employs' educators, administrators, support staff, pays the rent on a building, funds an industry of crayons, stickers, and other assorted 'school supplies' - It only takes $150k to bring all of that to a complete STOP 3 1/2 weeks BEFORE the end of a school year?! Please! This article, this idea, is NOTHING more than shoving kids in the voters face and crying alligator tears.. cause, well, cause it gets REACTION!.. "OMG! how can we do this to our kids!?" When in reality, it's the paychecks and positions of 'adults' that it's all about.. We REALLY need to stop using our kids in this way.. we REALLY need to understand that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING needs to be TRIMMED... and stop belly-aching when it's YOUR project that feels the pinch! Did the group REALLY need to close the schools 3 1/2 weeks early?... I doubt it!.. but they chose to.

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Apr-12-13 7:59 AM

You tell someone, 'We must cut your paycheck 5%' because of sequestration cuts' and they run to the Newspaper and begin crying about how "The Kids will be hurt" - Why?.. I dunno.. this is where you sort out those DEDICATED to our children from those simply looking for a FAT paycheck and benefits! It's humiliating to say the least.

The CUTS in this sequestration thing were NEEDED... ORDERED by our Government.. Now is not the time to whine and cry about how 'unfair' they are.. it's time to realize that the healing in this country has started.. or will at least try to get started.. Now, let's CUT some taxes and leave more money in folk's pockets.. the healing will then truely begin..

I really don't think the current Government is 'serious' about bringing us out of debt!.. and neither are those who use their kids in this highly charged 'political' way.

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