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Right-to-work: Judge won’t dismiss suit

April 4, 2013

MASON, Mich....

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Apr-04-13 12:22 PM

Just take into account why the present AG is defending the suit.He was bought and paid for by the Dow family and big business as a youth. His whole career has been directed to protect big business and the wealthy from discomforting realities and what he preceives as the undeserved rights of the unwashed masses. I have known th AG professionally for over 30 years.He has never done anything to protect the public good either in an elective office or as Engler's Ag Commisioner, for which he had absolutely no qualifications. He has attempted to and is destroying the landmark progress that was accomplished under the tenures of both Frank Kelly and Jennifer Granholm. Pity this State if it is stupid enough to elect him as AG again or heaven help us Governor. He would be even a worst disaster the Engler.

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Apr-04-13 2:05 PM

Yes because improving the business climate in this state would be terrible.

In a sense I suppose it would be for Granholm supporters. The most efficient welfare govenor this country has every known. Never met a tax she didn't like either.

If you think I'm unintelligent ask yourself why Michigan led the country in the recession almost 2 full years prior to any other state?

Wait, I'm sure it was because of the RICH.

I believe the AG is fighting for this law because it is his job, unlike our current federal administration that just defends laws it agrees with.

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Apr-04-13 2:44 PM

Now vauche,

please publish the names of those rich, and their corporations,

that offer such alternatives in public or private education for you !

Answer this one question,

since you are such a believer in the rich and their corporate counter-cultures!


my pet porcine exhibited more native intelligence than you!

You’re welcome for the continuing lines of “compliments”,

if in your mind, that is what you contrive them to be,

along-side all of your other mental girations and nonsense!

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Apr-04-13 2:45 PM


I had a pet porcine that exhibited more native intelligence than you,

and it didn’t have a

“smart phone”,

a computer,

a college education,

or even a

"high school or junior high education",

and all of the other rights to education that taxpayers gave and lavished upon your behalf.

We should demand that you pay our money back,

for your failures to resolve fact from fantasy.

I agree, the public education system failued you,

and you should have sought education,

“free of charge”

from the rich and their corporations!

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Apr-04-13 2:54 PM



to go on at any length…

The pure,

unadulterated and un-varnished truth, is


“owe their SOUL, to the COMPANY STORE”.

It’s that simple.

They are the handmaidens of the rich and their corporations,

greed for money motivates them to accept money from their republican puppet-meisters, to get elected!

It’s NOT rocket science!

It old fashioned GREED!





And, the desire to GET AHEAD, regardless of expense,

and, at any cost,

the public be


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Apr-04-13 3:28 PM

Smoke is a pretty good indicator for fire. The judge seems to think that there is a little smoke, and it is correct for him to see if its the constitution or sunshine laws that are on fire.

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Apr-04-13 3:33 PM

Where's the question Whiz?

And you're repeating yourself.

And you insult my education and intelligence?

Granholm failed every working class person in Michigan. That's a fact. Look at family income, look at unemployment, look at welfare numbers, look at taxes, look at population numbers.

The AG's job is to defend this law whether he likes it or not. The court will decide if any violation of law was used to pass it and the process will play out as it should.

All Americans owe their houses, food, cars, and possessions to the "company store" as you put it, who do you think writes their checks?

Oh wait, for over 100 million it's the government.

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Apr-04-13 3:48 PM


You keep dragging granholm around as your pet rat.

Can’t you think of something new?

We’ve got our hands full with the

"fountains of youth”,

what we need are

fountains of



but you missed the sailing along the way….

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Apr-04-13 3:57 PM




Why do I have to keep correcting you on what you seem to think I’m talking about ?

Sorry to say,

I wasn’t




I was merely pointing out the lack you possess…



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Apr-04-13 4:42 PM

Whizzy, please try not writing in riddles and what is with the line patterns? While I find myself thinking I can agree with your thoughts (that is when I can figure them out) it is a very difficult read.

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Apr-04-13 4:49 PM

Keep saying it over and over, someone will believe it.

I think you need to look up the definition of insulting. I bet you forgot it already.

Now do you have anything to say about the article or are you just going to keep focusing on me?

Don't get me wrong I'm honored but your getting old hat. By now I could probably write your posts for you.

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Apr-04-13 5:29 PM



these lines are not meant to be riddles.

Just that each sentence is more readable with an endowment of "Whitespace".

thank you.

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Apr-04-13 5:36 PM


You, are more than quick, to point out my and a few others who disagree with your republican propaganda and anti-liberal biases…


Would you suppress alternative thoughts,

the same as your republican minions,

the rich and their corporations, and their collective media

impose on what’s released in the media as platitudes for the rich and their excesses?

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Apr-04-13 5:40 PM




Cut and past my previous posts, and pass them off…




anything that approaches original thinking!

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Apr-04-13 6:06 PM


Phlitziltflittzitttt !

You’ve caught me at a disadvantage.

I cannot answer you any more today.

My caregiver has given me my medication, and I expect to be sleeping shortly.

This repose,

will give you amble time to come up with more nonsense,

I, on the other hand,

will sleep tranquilly


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Apr-04-13 8:56 PM

Whiz, I certainly do point out those points made by others that are completely fallacious (such as the collective media comment) but I most certainly try to keep it civil.

I will try not to insult directly and individual that disagrees with me. If provoked by insults such as the likes you started yes I will counter as are my rights. You will not find a conservative push over at this keyboard.

So until next time, good night and I do hope you sleep comfortably.

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Apr-04-13 9:00 PM

This lawsuit is the best thing that could have happened.... It was wrong and it needs to be contested...

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Apr-05-13 5:05 AM

What Sank Titanic? The Iceberg!

Whats going to sink this country? The Same*****Thing!

The Enigneers remain oblivious to whats going on. Same as the free loaders getting their free crap! Water coming in faster & faster!

Water is coming in and nobody seems to care! The ones that do, We hose out the water, but engines are pushing water 20 times faster than we can push it out!

The Titanic was taking on too much water! The Builder of the ship said it would not sink! HELLO!

When I talk to the younger generation, they Love the Obama Nothing cause they get free, "FREE" health insurance! Free Phones, Food Stamps, on and on!

26 years old! Come On! I was independent at a young age of 18 and so were my kids!

I don't care for "Unions" ever since Jimmy Sr. Left.

My words, my thoughts! I got everything in my life honestly, so did my fore fathers and I was always told that you have to stand for something, or you will fall for anything!

Thanks to My Father! Lov

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Apr-05-13 5:18 AM

Funny how nobody, even our Left Wing Press reports about O-nothing traveling all over.

I tell ya, right here, right now, I NEVER took a Vacation without my family! We did and do things together! Including our dog!

But, crap, he has taken more vacations more than I have in a life time.

92.7 radio people! Open your eyes! Rather you head!

I pray for you! May God Bless You and put good in your heart!

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Apr-05-13 6:02 AM

Sombody is Needing Somebody! Please! There is somebody that is crying out for help, this I know!

This person works for fast food.

I can't prove it for sure, but all the signs are there.

Just give that person a smile and be nice!

She is thinking of ending her life. Don't know for sure, but she is leaving signs.

Walgreens says to be well during check out.

This girl doesn't work there, but she is in need. Look for "signs" thank you!

I will cry for her if anything happens!

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Apr-05-13 6:06 AM

Is a sub considered fast food?

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Apr-05-13 10:22 AM


What sank the titanic?

What really sank the Titanic,

is the fact that the owner, J.P. Morgan

refused to listen to an engineer,

that the steel and importantly, the rivets, were of sub-standard quality.

The board of authority that tested and assured quality output of steel at the time

was infested with the very steel manufacturers, who would never condemn another business brothers' product.

Consequently, the fact that the steel was substandard and easily prone to fail,

was never brought forward, because the boards, and the regulators were stacked against issuing a cease and desist order pending further review.

Morgan would have NEVER condoned a work stoppage.

Hence, the boat sunk because the steel and rivets did not meet a metallurgical engineers standards.

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Apr-06-13 3:17 AM

Whizzy, what sank the Titanic was an iceberg!

Yes, the metal used would not be acceptable today for much of anything but at the time of the Titanics construction it was probably the best steel available.

Think about, the the ship Olympic had a 20 year career built on the same design with the same material. Only difference is it didn't hit an iceberg.

But of course there was a conspiracy amongst rich business men to get a whole bunch of people on the ship and sink it. I have heard that the iceburg was originally created in the rich mans freezer than dropped into the ocean where it could grow into the massive object it was. It was a pain to get the iceberg in the exact location it needed to be so they brought in alien vessels from outerspace to use tractor beams to hold it in place. They actually jumped for joy when the plan came together. It was great!

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Apr-06-13 5:13 AM

Oh Wiz. After long hours, etc. I come here to vent. I'm just so sadden with what my kids & grandbabies will be left with.

Correct me if I'm wrong, you propbably don't. If you did, how could you not be mad,sick, upset what's left to them?

You may be older than I, but I think you need company my sir!

Stop being the comment police on this comment page.

Your older by age, there for your going to (going by age) die before I, but that's not a given.

I Love America And I Want Her Back! I would Love For "God" back in our schools, etc.!

If you don't like our "America" ways, get the*****out! And take Obozo and his family with you!

As A Man, I'm Scared! I love my family! There is so much crap going on and our Commander could careless, he is taken care of by our tax dollars!

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Apr-06-13 5:33 AM

Vauche! Exactly My Point!

Ever been on a cruise? It's not like the titanic at all! We went first class and they made like a fire alarm on the ship. Ok, We were on first floor, and we had to meet on the third deck!

Not To You Directly at Vache, this is more to Wiz.

We are sinking with Obama, and I tried to use the Titinac as an example and the experience I had being on a cruise ship.

YES! We are heading towards an dang icebreg!

IPADS*****when it comes to spell check!

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