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Michigan bills spark debate over paid sick time

April 3, 2013

LANSING (AP) — Some Michigan Republicans are pushing to ban local governments from requiring employers to provide paid sick leave as cities in other states move to enact such mandates....

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Apr-04-13 11:55 AM

Ah Whiz, the rantings of an old man.

If you have to keep bloaviating about your self proclaimed intelligence you probably aren't as intelligent as you think.

If you've forgotten more than I ever knew how do you know since you don't remember ever knowing it?

Lastly, is there anything other than the rich, rich, rich. I haven't seen one person on here ever claim the system is perfect and without flaw.

You blame the rich because they have more than you and you want it. Today's poor are not the poor of centuries ago, read a book and you'll find that out.

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Apr-04-13 11:29 AM

For the doubters, dolts, and naysayer's,

I’m more up to the “times” then the whole lot of you !

Unfortunately, naysayer’s have neither the ability or the facility to recognize your extreme cognitive dissonance and instead,

struggle to admit what people educated in these matters have been unable to get across to the mainstream the "techno-wizzies".

Not puffery, no brag, but the fact remains,

I’ve forgotten more than you’ve ever attempted to digest, aided by all of you “Modern” technologies…

Somebody said it better....

dumb is, as dumb does !

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Apr-04-13 11:26 AM

Some would believe they have “smart phones”

but these devices have proved how efficiently technology can rob you,

of even a modicum of cognition and intelligent response,

let alone your native intelligence which is faltering every year you are on the planet.

Indeed your “smart-phones” are systemically proving the long suspected fact,

that their users are becoming DUMBER, and

incapable of a modicum amount of rational reason and rational discourse.

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Apr-04-13 11:25 AM

Could it be that we’ve raised a generation of people who cannot read, write, and comprehend the very words on a written page….

of course, this would require more than your traditional 15 seconds of attentive span you have been programmed to accept.

Should it be, and could it be,

with all of the scholarly research and writings on the fact that the rich,

both democrats, and residing mainly with the republicans,

that they and their wealth assets,

have conspired to pull-off one of the greatest conspiratorial coup’s on legal, American, working men and women,

since the industrial revolution and the slight hiatus of the robber barons,

who have now once again made their grand entrance with covert actions and control of the basic idea of a democracy,

through their control of the election system !

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Apr-04-13 11:23 AM

Just say NO,

to the idea that ANYONE, can run for public office,

and the idea of one vote, one person,

has become a pejorative in their eyes.

Witness, that less than thirteen (13) states formed the basis for the presidential election.

What became of the one vote, one person idea,

or, for the people of the remaining 37 states,

the rich have been able to marginalize their existence.

To doubt for one instant that this isn’t a planned economic, and social conspiracy designed to strengthen the rich’s position,

and weaken the middle-class and poor,

is to deny the very fact that the world is

not flat …

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Apr-04-13 8:26 AM

Also, I could care less how many agrees/disagrees I get. I will just try to respectfully voice my opinion. Why is it republicans (and some democrats) feel the need to resort to name calling?

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Apr-04-13 8:21 AM

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Apr-04-13 8:21 AM

5 days a year isn't much time anyways. As for your comments on the Obama Phone in a past article comment, that program was started under President Reagan. It was just updated to cell phones under President Obama. As more and more businesses move overseas for cheap labor the need to expand that program grew. I would say more controls should be put into place on that though. These are not top of the line phones and are limited in minutes so the cost really isn't more than landline phones.

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Apr-04-13 8:15 AM

Peace2all, here I am. You are free to do what you want, but I really respectfully ask you not to pray for me. It is of my opinion that if a business wants to pay a few days a year sick leave they should be able to. It isn't up to the government to legislate one way or the other. The only other comment I will make on this subject is if I go into a place of business and there is an employee of that business coughing on the product I am considering purchasing, I will simply take my business elsewhere. That is especially true in restaurants and grocery stores. At least I can take the effected product home and wash it but that can't be done with the food I am about to eat. I know that other customers can enter these businesses sick, but there is really no way to control that so life is life. I do feel for the low wage person (who may be in their first job or took a low wage job because there isn't any other available) who must decide between rent or work.

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Apr-04-13 5:46 AM

Whiz, please graduate to times. Hardly anyone carries a pocket book anymore! Wife doesn't even carry a purse, it's a*****doggie purse with the dog in it! The smart phone that has a place for her ID! Debit, Voters ID, etc.

Sorry, Sonny, get with the real time! I'll pray for you as well! Have your kids buy you one of those there smart phones or iPads:) You'll Like It and Love It:)

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Apr-04-13 5:19 AM

Bang Up Job! Laughing My Royal Ass Off! You couldn't have put it better!

Ain't it funny how after her election it came out that she was from Canada? Ain't it funny how she brought her Trash with her and not even written in English?

I'll be the first to admit it, I went to work sick and used my sick days for sunny days! Way I figured, I should get paid for feeling like crap any way!

2013 and if the race card isn't played it's the ass over an elephant!

GOD BLESS America again! She sure needs it!

My opinion only! Our fathers are turning in their grave! Worried about the Bull Butter of Global Crap? Start worrying about how someone can be in their own house, bedroom, and they are in a hole!

Where is Red? Guess he got enough Disagrees for his Almighty King:(

I'll still pray for ya!

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Apr-03-13 11:45 PM

Oh, crap! All our problems are the republicans fault!

Yes, cause that Granholm lady did a bang up job.

I find it sad that we actually have to pass a law to prevent a law from governmental control and people are upset about it.

You know I always thought that those folks who employ 15 people really needed to be pushed around. Those filthy small business people in their small business jets.

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Apr-03-13 6:11 PM

You're next!

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Apr-03-13 5:27 PM

Once again,

we see the effects of the repulcian rich and their corporations taking aim

at legal working, taxpaying American men and women

who are scape goats and must bear the effects of the republican rich and their corporations through

organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,

and the American Legislative Exchange Council, (ALEC).

These organization are actively pursuing the adventure of turning back the clocks of time

for legal working, American men and women, who mostly pay a larger percentage of their income in taxes than do the rich, and their corporations.

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Apr-03-13 5:24 PM

Over 78,000 pages of cleveryly crafted and concocted, congressional

enacted tax language has put these people in profitable tax-avoidance status,

not available to other American working men and women.

The American Legislative Exchange Council is actively pursuing to reduce the American Standard of Living, for working class Americans,

who must work hourly for their wage.

ALEC, through the generosity of many wealthy Americans,

such as the Koch brothers, and others, and their corporations,

are able to finance


that reuplicans legislators and governors have taken use and campaign against long, hard-fought battles for working men and women over the last sixty or more years,

working conditions, bargaining, and safety both in and out of the work place,

as well as the preservation of our common air, water, and ground resources.

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Apr-03-13 5:20 PM

These people are not for working men and women wage earners,

but for their own pocket books,

and the pockets books of the rich and their corporations . . .

tom casperson

eddie mcbroom








and the many other republican governors and state house members. . .

The republicans will turn back the clocks for every working man and woman in this country,

unless working men and women stop them in their tracks . . .

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