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Gladstone school board talks MEAP scores

Future of testing topic of discussion

March 19, 2013

GLADSTONE — The Gladstone School Board discussed the district’s Michigan Educational Assessment Program test scores and the future of testing during its meeting Monday night....

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Mar-21-13 1:18 PM

Seriously !

I mean, really,

Seriously, how can anyone take this piehole



Yawn, yawn… ,

Yawn . . . . ... . ......

doze, doze,

Snooze snooze…

Snore, SNORE, snore, snoring !

bore, bore, boring !

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Mar-20-13 5:57 PM

How can someone disagree with something that actually happened within my family?

I mean seriously.

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Mar-20-13 5:56 PM

Please, make no mistake I'm not trying put this on the teacher(s) or the school, both of which I think are actually pretty fantastic, or even for the most part the program.

As baglady said reading is a basic fundamental. You can't do anything right if you can't read/understand the directions.

Heck even the tough consequences are hard to argue about. I'm fine with a strict teacher, rules are important and learning consequences are more necessary today than ever. I am having a hard time with the black and white of it though. My child has moved on, funny how that is.

And yes, that government intervention. They certainly do know how to break stuff don't they.

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Mar-20-13 3:04 PM

Vauche, I understand what you are saying. Once again this a problem with State and Fed government putting their 2 cents into a venue they know little about. There is a HUGE push for No Child Left behind and alot of money rides with scores. Now, losing recesses and other issues you state, many times go to the type of standards a teacher sets, not AR. There are a teacher or two who need to understand and have some compassion for these uncontrollable events. Recess and exercise time is needed, but that is another issue. But, because of many legislatures and congress and other government "rules", teachers are under pressure for performance. Which in turn results in higher homework expectations, more classwork, less time for individual help, bigger class sizes, and less time for a kid to be a kid. Meanwhile the government cuts funding and/or ties it to scores or other stipulations to do with academics. So, the problem continues. Teachers are mainly doing what they are guid

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Mar-20-13 1:27 PM

Yes, she got it done we made sure but it was all she had time to do that week.

Now this kid who was excited by school and reading is slowly losing interest. Now all she does in school is "boring". She never asks to read at home where she always asked to read or have a book read to her and it's a fight almost every night. Who can blame the kid? I love to read but after a while it gets old so I take a break.

So no I'm not trying to rip apart the AR program. I get more than most reading is fundamental. But it isn't perfect and it seems to be taking it's toll on other things. I mean do we really need a 1st grader reading at an AR 4th grade level that still struggles some with math?

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Mar-20-13 1:10 PM

Well I should have said comments below on my prior post, oops.

None the less the AR program isn't all peaches and cream. If a child doesn't read the number of books they are required they can't participate in recess or some kind of party. Sounds reasonable until you see it in practice.

Real occurance. Child has to read 2 second-third grade books per week. Child is not taken to library on Monday. School is cancelled due to weather on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday get the books, yet has some extracurriculars at night. Recess or party was on Friday. Child obviously couldn't take tests on Friday so couldn't participate. Is this right? The kid is in 1st grade and can't walk to the library themselves on Monday.

Secondly, this 1st grade child, at a third grade level brings home a book that is 101 pages long because someone said she could get more points she could spend for trinkets. Now this only counts as 1 book for the week so she still needs another.

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Mar-20-13 12:50 PM

It's obvious from the comments above that these people first and formost can't comprehend written material and secondly don't have a child in K-6 OR don't pay attention to what their child is bringing home.

My child, is in frist grade, didn't want to say that, but anyways, 1st grade and according to the AR is now at a 3rd grade level. This for those that can't comprehend is great, never said it wasn't. However said child has a heck of a time with subtraction, a basic building block to higher levels of MATH (aka Arithmetic)!

While far from as perfect as those above think it is I'm not knocking the program and the emphasis on reading and comprehending. I'm wondering though, from experiencing and seeing it with my child what expense all the emphasis on reading is. Is it taking time away from math? Is it taking time away from science?

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Mar-19-13 6:51 PM

For what it is worth,

the only thing that is insane about AR, is the inane comment below about reading.

Readily apparent, one can see from the writing below, the writer doesn’t know what it’s talking about.

If she/he had any idea about learning and comprehension,

she/he would understand that before anything else, you have to be able and proficient in reading and comprehension.

If a child cannot read and comprehend at grade level,

a child will most certainly have a hard time, or fail at any other educational endeavor.

Our government, and education experts, realized more than fifty years ago,

that reading was so basic to education, it promoted the RIF program’s nearly night and day for years.


stands for

Reading Is Fundamental.

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Mar-19-13 6:44 PM

How many children today, have at least 30 minutes exposure to their parent(s) reading to them each and every day in grades K-6?

Or, for that matter, how many parents spend the same amount of time reading to their pre-school children?

Teachers universally, with the help of screening for reading in the grades,

are able to intervene and help children who would otherwise fall behind.

The accelerated reading program is one of the best programs for building reading and comprehension skill there is available in our public schools.

The reason it was adopted is because too many parents neglected their parenting responsibilities, and schools were caught with under-achieving children.

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Mar-19-13 6:43 PM

In every country the world around, governments and educator’s understand the need for above average ability to read, and reading comprehension.

The very basic building blocks of educational achievement

are the ability to Read, Write, and do Arithmetic at grade level.

Nothing, is more important than the Three R’s,

and when this is achieved at by every student at grade level, there is no need for such foolish programs as:

No Child Left Behind!

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Mar-19-13 5:40 PM

This isn't a shocker. The AR program in the lower grades is bloody insane. My child is excelling in reading, but to what expense?

She basically has to read 7 days a week to meet the requirements at the level she's at. Yet, subtraction gives her fits. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've seen math homework.

It's sounds rediculous to complain that your kid is learning to read and excelling in it and it is. However looking at the whole picture brings it into perspective.

Great base in reading, poor base in math. High reading scores, average math scores. It's all about the time spent on the basics, and there's definitely more focus on the reading.

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Mar-19-13 10:27 AM

Does anyone think...

Is PhilCaron reading this?

Is there a chance of just once, PhilCaron would care to say something


regarding the work parents, staff workers, teachers, and the board of education have to cope with?

What’s your solution CaronPhil…


have something negative or at least,

one a rotten comment about


I wonder how you’d score every year on standardized testing…

What’s that ?

Dumb, dumber, dumbest…

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