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Delta County Board supports gun rights

Resolution protects Second Amendment

March 13, 2013

ESCANABA — More than 100 people witnessed the Delta County Board of Commissioners support a resolution protecting Second Amendment rights during a recent county board meeting....

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Mar-14-13 10:33 AM

How does one join the Delta County Gun Owners Association ?

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Mar-14-13 10:28 AM

concerned54, you obvious don't recall how concealed weapons permits were handled it Delta Country when we were a "may issue" IIRC the local 3 law depts had to approve you. so if you were a law obeying citizen who was not a city cop, sheriff deputy,state police or Judge or retire from such. you were DENIED 99.999% of the time. this is what happens when misinterpretation of the law happens. the shall issue law prevented this "discrimination" . since then statistic's have show these permit holders have been responsible with sticking within the rule and regulations that are we need less restricted zones one. they are foolish as "criminals " don't obey the rules

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Mar-14-13 3:36 AM

Well! Bill Stevens Gun Violence Provention Working Group Public Hearing on 1/30/13 says it all! Look it up on YouTube!

After 9/11, I made sure my kids had a track phone! I got kicked in the ass when some other "under" privilege SOB kid stole it!

I don't know, but it seems like our fore fathers were almost writing the bible for what the future was to become?

I don't have all the answers, but I can honestly say, I dislike Obama and what he stands for!

United We Stand Or United We Fall! We are falling with this little man (pretends he is king). Goes to golf,separate vacations, and the list goes on!

AMERICA! Lord, Please Bring Her Back! In The Name OF The Father, Son Holy Spirit, AMEN!

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Mar-13-13 2:46 PM

MikeHawkburns420 - Very well said.

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Mar-13-13 2:13 PM

I dont think anyone here is a "nutjob", but people are now fed up with the Government infringing on our rights and we DONT wanna take it NO more. The government keeps pushing and pushing but when the people push back were looked as "nutjobs"!!!?? Its in the constitution that we are allowed to have guns(thats what makes america a free country), and when they wrote that they were not referring to hunting, it was for protection for yourself and from a tyrannical government.READ it, its there clear as day. they knew way back then that this was a possibility and thats why they added the 2nd amendment. The anti gun crowd acts like responsible gun owners arent against gun crime just because we dont wanna give up our rights. The 2nd Amendment protects ALL our other rights, so even if you dont own a gun or want a gun YOU should be paying attention to whats going on with the gun talk within the government. If they take the guns away from the citizens America will not be th

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Mar-13-13 12:41 PM

We will be submitting the same resolution to the city counsel of Escanaba On March 21st @7:00 P.M. at city hall.

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Mar-13-13 12:27 PM

I used to be a resident of delta county and now live in alger. Id be proud if i still lived there!!!

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Mar-13-13 11:39 AM

Mr. Opinatedtfb - I have agree with you and half disagree with you. Now Sh%t Up your just being stupid. Congrats Delta County - good for you.

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Mar-13-13 11:37 AM

Opinatedtfb is exactly the kind of "Nut Job" that the liberals latch on to to show just how unstable gun owners are. He will do more damage to gun rights than a dozen anti-gun liberals!

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Mar-13-13 11:18 AM

It's grass-roots efforts,like this, that will, hopefully, save us from a tyrannical government, which we are rapidly heading.

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Mar-13-13 11:03 AM

It's not the police we have to worry about. It's the federal government. They want to disarm us...for what reason, I do not know. They have stockpiles of ammo & are buying more "assault" riffles, according to internet chatter. Police are not much of a threat. You're just mad at them for something & now you talk like you're gonna shoot one.

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Mar-13-13 10:52 AM

What a "nut job". You.... opinatedfb...... are just the sort of person who should NOT have a weapon. Hopefully the Concealed Weapons Board can deny you.

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