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Benishek: Washington not doing its job

March 9, 2013

ESCANABA — While touring the Upper Peninsula, U.S. Congressman Dan Benishek stopped in Escanaba Friday to discuss the economy and projects his office is working on. “(I’m) just heading around the U....

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Mar-09-13 11:33 AM

Dapper dan would do this congressional district, and his constituents, well by retiring at once, if not sooner.

Needless to say, dapper dan is in politics for his own selfish interests, and that of wealthy republicans and business, for the money,

affording dapper dan to network considerably more opportunity, to make more than the mere $127,000.00 he took from the VA as a ‘consultant’.

Dapper dan, we know you too well…

Your INACTION for constituents and ACTIONS for republican party members, the rich, business, and their lobbyists,

SPEAKS, louder than all of your wacky clack, blabber, blather, gobble and prattle.

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Mar-09-13 11:35 AM

Aside, from dapper dan not answering constituent emails and regularly meeting in townhouse forums with citizen constituents,

here to the point, is what he and fellow republicans aren’t doing:

1) dan’s failure to have town-house meeting with constituents other than nodding head minions,

mainly fawning press types and business types,

and then of course, he’ll see fit to wack his clack with time spent on the veteran issue.

2) dan’s failure to represent his district’s constituents in THEIR BEST INTEREST

-NOT in the best interest of the republican party, their rich handler’s in business and special interest lobbyists.

3) dan’s failure to respond to personal phone call’s, and his office staff’s failure to make dapper dan cognizant of anything other than his own agenda and that of the special interest groups.

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Mar-09-13 11:37 AM

As part of ‘Washington’ dapper dan isn’t doing


should be the hook on this article headline!

Has ANYONE, other than special privilege people actually seen dapper dan at an open house forum, aside from those audiences he populates with direct invitations and similar leanings to his agenda?

Getting a special audience with The Pope, is much better

than dan holding open townhouse meetings with local citizen constituents!

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Mar-09-13 12:57 PM

goog, do you think posting 3 consecutive posts that say basically the same thing will make people say "Boy, this poster really knows their stuff, I have to agree, now that he/she wrote it 3 times. 2 posts wouldn't have convinced me, but that 3rd one really drove it home"?

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Mar-09-13 1:01 PM

Banishek can save all that BS and fluff for people who don't know or refuse to know anything about politics.

Reality is that the government doesn't know what to do. Not one politicial on either side of the aisle has an imagination big enough to fathom the crisis this country faces.

Watching what happens in DC is like watching a bunch of 7 year old kids on the playground. Finger pointing and acting like a bunch of spoiled kids is the problem. It wouldnt hurt if the President actually had a clue what it means to be the leader.

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Mar-09-13 2:38 PM


stick to your tree-hugging, tree-counting since before the white man showed on these shores.

show the plantation, show the numbers.

stick to what you think you know...


Better stick to your tree counting since before the white man….

Obviously, you have all kinds of ‘credibility’ stacked up in your favor on tree counts from time immemorial.

Better b.o.n.e. up on your studies about the two party system, and in particular the republicans.

Clearly, you are out of you element,

get back in the woods.

Statistics, politicians, are soon liars and bed fellows, always open to criticism.

Where are your tally sheets from before the indians, prove your rant!

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Mar-09-13 10:01 PM

Whizzy, Go look the information up yourself. It is a lot easier than you trying to make your opinion turn into fact. Are you as stupid as you come across in text?

Anyway, deforestation efforts prior to European inhabitation was done mainly by burning them (The first settlers witnessed and noted the techniques). When natives wanted land cleared, the started it on fire. Over time forests were cut and not replanted. Management started over 100 years ago with reforestation and replanting. Scientists estimate that there are more trees today than there were 500 years ago. Just go check out some studies and you will see what I mean. Why doubt what I am writing if you refuse to look? You don't believe it, so it must be false?

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Mar-10-13 12:38 PM

The pot meet the black kettle.

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Mar-10-13 1:00 PM

It is OUR bought and paid for by the rich, our members of congress,


our state legislator’s



and all of the republican governor’s elected in the 2008 election cycle and since, to name but a few,

snyder,in michigan

walker, in wisconsin

kasich, in ohio

daniels of Indiana

christie of nj

lepage of maine,

who are the detriment to the largest segment of Legal Americans, wage earning, taxpaying men and women,

that have become the intended losers at the expense of this republican greed from their ilk and minions.

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Mar-10-13 1:04 PM

Where is the ‘tremendous’ reforestation’ taking place.

Where are all the rich and their companies, supposedly devoted to cleaning up their environmental messes,

unless forced by regulation to do so?

Unpaid, ‘scientists’ have pointed out that the environment is being ‘raped’ more rapidly since the industrial revolution by the rich,

the greedy,

and their corporate pressure, deep pocketed intrusion into

OUR politics,

our courts,

and most of all, more than 84,000 or more pages of IRS tax exemption loop holes,

for the benefit of the rich, in their entirety.

It is incomprehensible to make the statement,

there are more trees here today, than before the white man arrived!

“Who do you think you’re talking to”,

some idiot like you, schlort?



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Mar-10-13 1:07 PM

These, boy’s,

are the facts,

not assailable,

not lies,

not tree-chopping,

environment ruining business,

the rich, and

their corporate hacks,

lobbyists, and

other covert underling minions liars, cheets and scoundrels.

Any ‘scientist’ who says we have more trees now, than before the white man arrived, is a manipulated, paid for by the rich hack.

Who pays for most ‘testimony’ for the rich, businesses, and all things needed by them to extort the less able to defend themselves against deep pocketed republican and democratic rich, with their paid for ‘research’?

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Mar-10-13 1:09 PM


but corporations,

the rich, and

the republicans,

have bettered their standard of living,

their asset growth, and

have paid less in taxes

since the late 1960’s?

Certainly, it has been the downfall of the middle-class, and

the poor people who now must subsist with two, three or four low paying jobs.

So, there’s no B.S. here.

Deregulation, and outsourcing of American jobs,

has done more beginning with reagan, and then again by phil gramm, and bill clinton

with the passage of the financial modernization act and

the commodity futures modernization act of 2000,

to better off the lot of the rich, their businesses,

to the detriment of wage-earning,

legal Americans,

since the 1929 depression.

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Mar-10-13 1:10 PM

I digress to the real intent of exploitation by the rich,

their corporations, and

their paid lobbyists,

all to the detriment of the environment

without which regulation,

the greed of these people would have destroyed at a much more rapid rate then they’ve been allowed to accomplish.

It needs to understanding or further explanation

that greed by the rich,

their corporations since the industrial revolution

has done more to wreak havoc on the environment than any other source of action by or before

white man’s greed and capitalism, and return to investor’s

became paramount!

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Mar-10-13 1:13 PM

To repudiate the claim that it is ok to rape the environment,

which is not the intended sole domain of the



corporate profit taking,

but rather the domain of

ALL living persons and creatures,

first and foremost…

Our environment should not be subject to the perversions of

paid for politicians of the rich,

their corporations, and

their investor’s…

As, for too long,

these people have wrongly been able to assert or convince most of us,

is their RIGHT TO


pillage, and


to ruinous exploitation.

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