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Sen. Carl Levin will not seek re-election in 2014

March 8, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic Sen....

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Mar-09-13 12:53 PM

Whizzy, having an opinion doesn't translate to having facts.

Like I said before, go ahead and research what I said, then come back and tell me I am wrong.

More trees now than ever because of reforestation and replanting. Fact

A growing tree removes more CO 2 than an old growth mature tree. Fact.

Dispute these facts because you don't believe what I say. I do not care. Reality is, they are Facts. Not theory or opinion. Research it.

People like you dispute facts because facts usually go against what you believe. You only embrace BS that supports what you believe in. That is precisely why your type is dismissed as delusional.

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Mar-09-13 12:08 PM

Crazy thread from some people. Levin gutted the UP when he supported the closing of Sawyer and the other air bases. Not sure how this supported the military. Like him or hate him, politicians with more than two terms in office get corrupted by the system. New blood needed. Ms Stabenow, please follow his lead.

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Mar-08-13 10:59 PM


Better stick to your tree counting since before the white man….

Obviously, you have all kinds of ‘credibility’ stacked up in your favor on tree counts from time immemorial.

Better b.o.n.e. up on your studies about the two party system, and in particular the republicans.

Clearly, you are out of you element,

(outstanding in your field - standing in the forest - counting trees,

for which you lost your tally sheets)

and you don’t know about beans, trees or politics, the rich, big business and the working man.

Better stick to your tree counting since before the white man arrived ….

You’re a hoot !

Not the wise old ‘woodsy owl” type,

But, rather, his less than sage cousin!

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Mar-08-13 5:34 PM

All wage earning Americans,

should be MORE than willing to take our chances in


Then to rely on,

or place any confidence in the




in their cheap, honest, hacks, or ‘politicians‘,

their chosen hired name they want to be called,

instead of “Lackey”.

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Mar-08-13 3:46 PM

Here is the republican approach and policy on politics and governance:

This country needs an honest,

good and reliable,

five-cent politician.

Easily affordable,

Easily bought.

An honest politician is one who, when he is bought,

will stay bought.

That, in a nut-shell,

is the republican approach to politics and governance.

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Mar-08-13 1:53 PM


all you frog's got carl's politics mixed up with that of the repooplican partiers.

From the sound of your squirrel natter,

you all welcome the fix the repooplicans,

and their master's,

the rich,


who installed in your elective representatives seats,

from congress into the 50 state legislatures.

What a bunch of repooblican, toad, hacks!

Keep voting for hacks like




ad nauseum who want to turn the clock back to the 1900’s.

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Mar-08-13 1:51 PM

Btw, will you enjoy your two-day weekend this week?

Did you enjoy two days off and respite from work last week?

Did you enjoy your 40 hour work week for the last 50 years?

No thanks to the rich,

the corporations, and


that most everyone got a 40 hour work week,

vacation time,

sick leave, and

a time to retire before you dropped in your own b.o.w.e.l. movement working til death.

No thanks to the rich and business,

that you got a pension,

once upon a time.

You’ve all succeeded in turning the clock back to these periods,

when you voted for the wishes of the rich, businesses, republicans, and

for the people they put up on their hand-picked slate of candidates

from congress to state legislatures,

to courts, and

courts of appeals in all 50 states.

No Thank You

for your indifference and your preferential


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Mar-08-13 11:34 AM

Carl was useful to Michigan at one time. Then he got enough clout to get on all these big money comittee assignments and he basically left us begging for scraps while he got wined and dined by the most influential (ie, got payola from) lobbyists in DC.

Comittee assignments are graded in value by how much money people are willing to pay you to do things for them.

Term limits should be one thing everyone demands in this country. The longer a politician holds office, the more they get the attitude "I work for me, then for thee".

Hopefully Dingell's old lady does't get put on the ballot. There should be a law about that kinda stuff happening too. Dingells wife will be on the gravy train in the first 24 hours in DC with those kinds of connections.

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Mar-08-13 11:25 AM

Perplexed, who told you all of that nonsense? If you were charged payment to hear that garbage, demand a refund, you were duped.

People like you need to step away from the new socialist democrat ideals.

You claim people are being dictated to by Republicans, yet you support a brand of politics that has the intent to force people on board with extemist ideology.

Green energy, Robin Hood economics, Meat is murder. Those are ok to force on people, right? Just don't tell anyone that abortion is wrong, the death penalty is right and homosexuality is not normal. You people slay me with your double standards.

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Mar-08-13 11:22 AM

I nominate this as the first "good news" story of the year!!!

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Mar-08-13 11:22 AM

Wow, Perplexed is a great name for someone who supported the likes of Carl Levin. Detroit is gone and Michigan is in dire debt, what a wonderful job of buying votes from losers. I, 2nd Leftwich, good riddance to another rhino that had a great influence on the State and Nations debt. Tada, time to party !!!

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Mar-08-13 10:34 AM

Carl did awesome service to this state and the nation. His aims were to always to do the best things for the largest majoity of the people of Michigan, not the Engler, Synder, Bush and Casperson theory of screwing over the vast majority of the population to enrich the very few. I hope we are smart enough to elect a new Democratic senator, who looks out for the people of this state and not a Republican who will only take into account the financial interests of his or her donors and repressive social policies of the right wing zealots, who divine that they have the god given right to dictate their beliefs upon all the rest of us.

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Mar-08-13 9:57 AM

Good riddance thank god this lifetime appointment is over. Maybe the republicans will run someone that can actually win not the same people everytime.

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