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School election - Gladstone

February 23, 2013

GLADSTONE — Residents will have a second opportunity to weigh in on a Gladstone school millage renewal which failed during the November General Election during a special election this Tuesday....

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Feb-23-13 3:11 AM

Residents will have a second opportuity???? Don't you mean Glastone School Board will have a second Opportunity? Banking on bad weather and people that it won't affect. It does effect me, but I can't cast a vote because I'm not a Gladstone Resident.

I see Linda Howlett wrote a letter to the Editor. I didn't use word count, but it sure looks longer than 500 words to me.

Live With In Your Means! There isn't a person in this county that has a guarantee of income and we all had to adjust when gas and food, etc., went up. The loss of hours, income, etc. I suggest you do the same!

I hope the voters come out above the last 800+ votes and put you in the time out corner and teach your unruly behavior a lesson.

I don't know what part of "NO" the School Board doesn't get?

The 18 mills for second homes, inherentance homes, rental properties and business properties based on assessed value? The housing market is down and has been. Did the assessed value on property go down? N

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Feb-23-13 6:58 AM

I see Linda wrote a spot on letter and an accurate one. I will support this millage hands down. Gladstone School District is outstanding for a public education. However, I will say to all the Gladstone teachers who were on face book spouting the Obama, Granholm, union, & democrat line..Sshuut up. You need capitalism, real producers and the wealthy to help your school district provide you with pay and benefits you know get. Many of us wish you would think about where your livelihood comes from. Goo Braves!

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Feb-23-13 8:46 AM

The people have already spoken on this issue. By holding another election, the District is demonstrating a complete lack of respect for the residents of Gladstone. The courts cannot repeatedly prosecute someone until they obtain a guilty verdict. The same "double jeopardy" premise should apply to the schools. Like a classroom "bully," the District will continue to "beat up" on the people of Gladstone until they achieve their objectives. It is clearly time for a new School Board and a new Superintendent.

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Feb-23-13 3:44 PM

What I don't understand is why people are against this? This is not a raise in any taxes, it is a continuance. You will not see a raised in the taxes on our secondary properties and the schools need the money after all the cuts from the State. Gladstone is a very good school district and to see 15 to 20 jobs cut seems high for our districts that are already bare boned. But, I guess those that have no kids don't see the big deal. I want my kids to get the education that those did before and that won't happen with a rejection of this continuance. Put your biases aside and think of the future of the kids.

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Feb-23-13 5:46 PM




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Feb-23-13 8:58 PM

The 18 mils are for operating expenses which are more than 80 percent wages; so out of the $1,000,000 being requested over $800,000 was going into the pockets of the school employees. Keep in mind all the school district's employees vote on their own wage increase along with all their families and all others on the operating levy feedbag - from your pocket to their pocket.Should you not make it to the polls, you will need to wait another unheard of nine years to vote on this issue again. "No" should mean the same as "yes" and only need to be said once. Maybe we need a best of seven series to keep the voting field level. Mark your calendar and make time to go vote no Tuesday, Feb. 26.

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Feb-23-13 11:05 PM

Mark your calendar and vote YES

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Feb-24-13 12:14 AM

JOHN60, you are clueless

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Feb-24-13 9:34 AM

"Inheritance", 'schmaritanz' homes, and non-homestead property ownership...

how much money will you all be saving?

Probably, nothing you will ever put in the bank.

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Feb-24-13 10:50 AM

1) This is NOT a tax increase. It is a CONTINUATION of a millage that has BEEN IN EFFECT FOR NEARLY 20 years. Thus it is "part of the Gladstone budget" (that thing the Board just doesn't seem to have a clue how to use).

2) There have been substantial cuts to personnel, payroll, and benefits across all employee groups--consistently so--in the last several years.

3) The biggest predictor of positive property values is a strong, healthy local public school system. Be uninformed and vote to cut off your nose to spite your face at your own peril.

4) Given the vast number of geniuses and accountants and experts floating around here, we should have no trouble fronting a vibrant field of board candidates next election. If you don't like what's going on--get off your butts and put your neck on the line.

Thank you.

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Feb-24-13 11:02 AM

Revert to on-line teaching,

and finally many “parents” will have to face reality,

and become expert at parenting and teaching as well?

If many of the naysayer’s are not already aware, from mainstream reports,

many businesses and corporations today,

cast a jaundiced eye at people who obtain their ‘education’ on-line,

and many more, are rapidly learning about for-profit agencies and their ‘education’ deficits,

and more refrain from hiring such education for profit products…

and, by extension, computerized teaching at all levels, except as a repetitve adjunct to classroom teachers,

leaves a child shallow, clueless, and lacking in interpersonal development, communication,

and more importantly the opportunity to develop requisite social skills.

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Feb-24-13 11:03 AM

No teachers, means?

For those of you who too readily proclaim computerized education in lieu of classroom teachers,

then by all means remove you off-spring from public schools,

and become a home-school teacher.

The most vocal few, against this millage renewal would fail at home-schooling,

and probably are already in danger of failing their parenting abilities, skills, and obligations.

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Feb-24-13 11:05 AM

All the naysayer’s, should experiment, and try educating their children with NO teachers.

All the naysayer’s should be conscripted to classrooms,

where they will publicly display their qualities and expertise at teaching, child-rearing, baby-sitting, and nursing skills, which many teachers are called upon to invoke on a daily basis for the children who are raised in such a deficit atmosphere…

but, don’t pay these people a decent wage,

rather pay them according to their education, or lack thereof,

and pay them according to their demonstrated teaching ‘skill’, or lack thereof,

as so many mouth’s here, are quick to proclaim that paying for their child’s education should be cheep, cheap, cheep!

Compare the cost of education with the cost per person, per year for prison incarceration of about $22,000 - $25,000, exclusive of bricks and mortar construction and maintenance.

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Feb-24-13 11:06 AM


The clueless, addle-brained, half and witless personages don’t want to pay for their cars, trucks, snowmobiles, boats, beer, and booze as well?

Not on your life!

You bet they realize they cannot depend on business people to pay for their toys,

but then why do they vehemently complain about educating their girls and boys with teachers.

They are truly clueless dolt’s with severe psychological manifestations and deficits when compared with their willingness to spend on toy’s booze, and their departure from accountable parenting.

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Feb-24-13 12:16 PM

You can tell who is all on the levy feedbag. All the yes voter's. Give me a 9 year guaranteed of wage increase's and I will vote yes. Nobody has this except the school system. You people have more greed than anyone I know. "No" should mean the same as "yes" and only need to be said once. Maybe we need a best of seven series to keep the voting field level. Mark your calendar and make time to go vote no Tuesday, Feb. 26.

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Feb-24-13 12:31 PM

The operating levies are NOT for the Kids when $.80 out of every dollar goes into the pockets of the school employees. It is part of their entitlement greed, to maintain their lavish life style not enjoyed by people with real jobs. No means No school brat's

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Feb-24-13 12:36 PM

By the way frogleggs I don't own a boat or a snowmobile and I rarely drink. So shut your pie hole.

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Feb-24-13 12:47 PM

Give your inheritance property to a nonprofit so they can claim exempt! And go long form and claim it on your taxes!:)

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Feb-24-13 12:51 PM

Hey Frog-Get A Life! On and On!

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Feb-24-13 1:07 PM

Why embarrass yourself continually with faulty rants, diatribes and ridiculous thinking?

Could you not, at least introduce something new to your rant?

Higher level species were provided with a brain to make them appear above the animal kingdom.

Clearly there is a major disconnect involving higher order thinking and the various supposed interconnectivity networks of normal brains,

but rather there is a direct connection between the brain and your wreck-tums.

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Feb-24-13 1:10 PM

This truly is a concept that you refuse your brain and mind to encompass,

but instead use that portal,

your pie-hole to spew invective…

But rather, have amply demonstrated you guile and vile with repeated dredging of the same old b.u.l.l. c.r.a.p.

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Feb-24-13 1:11 PM

It is easy to see,

that nothing new in the way of abuse, castigation, criticism, exhortation, harangue denunciation, disputation, invective, objection, revile, spiel, tirade, and vituperation eruptions from the mouth’s of the witless dolt’s against teachers and education is likely to be provided.


what part of the need for continuing finance that can only come from the public at large in communion with the need to support public education for all, don’t you get?

You have not once supported the idea or need to finance public education, on a continuing basis to ensure that educational state mandates, needs and objectives are carried out on a non-interrupted basis, year after year by the public.

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Feb-24-13 4:44 PM

Froglegg's you must be a narcissist.

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Feb-24-13 5:53 PM

Another narcissist stopped communicating with me when I got my Ph.D.

I believe that, in his insecurity, he could no longer look “better” than me and be the focal point or person.

As a result, he felt threatened that I had a more powerful image than he did.

I think it is silly to utter pejoratives such as you have here, because I do not care about whether people have degrees to validate their intrinsic value as a human being.

Thank you for your pejorative perspective, premature, immature and unqualified diagnoses as they may be.

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Feb-24-13 5:55 PM

At the core of extreme narcissism is egotistical preoccupation with self, personal preferences, aspirations, needs, success, and how he/she is perceived by others.

Some amount of basic narcissism is healthy, of course, but this type of narcissism is better termed as responsibly taking care of oneself.

It is what I would call “normal” or “healthy” narcissism.

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