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Complaint: Ban American Indian mascots in schools

February 9, 2013

LANSING (AP) — The Michigan Department of Civil Rights filed a complaint Friday with the U.S....

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Feb-12-13 11:34 PM

At least we will always have the Indians baseball team! What about the school buses that say Hannahville Indians? So what if it's stereotyping. They're not doing it in a negative way. This isn't even an issue to worry about, what a waste of time. I'm 1/4 Indian myself big deal. I actually think it's kind of cool remind the public of the different Indian cultures. Maybe we should ban the native pride hats in school too!

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Feb-11-13 11:01 AM

I say give them what they want. Get rid of ALL references of indian names. They obviously can't see the fact that schools and sports teams choose names of people, things, animals and even cultures they ADMIRE and want to be like. It's pretty evident that the "modern day" indian is NOT the strong, brave and persevering individual these schools and teams were named after. Or, maybe we just need to get with modern times. We could have the Gladstone Roulette Wheels, the Marquette Spear Fisherman, The Atlanta Poker Faces ...

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Feb-11-13 10:44 AM

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Feb-11-13 10:16 AM

They also need to remove any names that use an animal. It gives the animals a bad name. Why hasn't PETA jumped on this? (Heavy Sarcasm all around)

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Feb-10-13 9:15 AM

I agree that we have many more important issues to discuss and fix. Also think about how much money this would cost the affected schools, who are already cash-strapped. They'd have to buy new signage, new sports uniforms, new stationary, etc. We're talking tens and tens of thousands of dollars. Is it worth childrens' educations suffering over what is largely seen as a non-issue?

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Feb-10-13 8:59 AM

It's time this issue just goes away.

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Feb-09-13 7:44 PM

How does this affect Civil Rights? At a time when there are real issues to solve the fact that there are people or groups pushing these sorts of things is frankly quite pathetic.

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Feb-09-13 1:28 PM

What about Fighting Irish, Trojans, Spartans, Vikings, Mountaineers, Celtics, etc.

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Feb-09-13 9:05 AM

How about banning Indian casinos that fleece the elderly all in the name of "entertainment"? Give me a break!

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Feb-09-13 2:50 AM

Public Assistance for your "Food Stamps" 1-888-678-8914 and Press 3 for Arabic Language!

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Feb-09-13 2:40 AM

illegals that come over here! Push 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. There is even a button for Arabic language down in Lansing for Food Stamps. I know, I called it, but couldn't understand it cause it wasn't in "ENGLISH"

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Feb-09-13 2:34 AM

Ban the " Politically Correct" term and everything should be just fine.

I'd like to hear what "Maxine" has to say about this crap!

Go Braves! Go Eskymo's! I'd rather hear that than, "Go Rockets" Or are we heading towards weapon or muslim names to be our mascots??

Nothing against Rapid River and their mascot name, just saying. Daniel Levy needs to get a life or start wearing pampers!

When do we say, "Enough Already!" I won't dare ask the question, "What Next?" cause somebody will be offended one way or another.

And bobthebulldog, the only culteres they want your kids to know is Islamic. They are trying to teach these kids that the Holocaust never existed. Don't believe me? Pay attention to what your kids and grandkids are studying. There are even schools that are saying the pledge in Islamic/Arabic language.

Yep! Take away the "Native Tongue" and make them learn the "English Language" but not the ille

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Feb-09-13 12:37 AM

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Feb-09-13 12:36 AM

you know i really find this confuseing.I thought we were suppose to learn about other cultures not ban them.i guess some people are afraid of their children asking questions out of curiousity than stearo typeing. ps sorry for my spelling errors

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