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Where should residents park trailers and boats?

Escanaba works on ordinance

January 25, 2013

ESCANABA — Progress is being made on a revised ordinance of the parking of trailers and boats within the city limits of Escanaba. A committee met Wednesday at city hall to go over the draft to date....

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Jan-26-13 4:12 AM

I have read all the comments and I personally couldn't hit the Agree or Disagree point.

Decades ago when I purchased my house, I never thought I'd be involved in camping, snowmobiling, or even 4 wheeling.

I find places that does NOT interfere with other people! However, the "Renters" do in my neighborhood and get away with it!

Unless the City removed it, all tenants are required to have able parking. Is this Happening?*****NO! Go To The Web!

Just another Benghazi

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Jan-26-13 12:20 AM

my biggest problem is the public streets. i cannot count the number of times i almost hit somebodys kid because i couldnt see around their r.v or big boat. and yes i do 5 miles below the speed limit in these areas.i hope a solution can be reached for everyones benifit.

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Jan-25-13 6:09 PM

These “storage issues” should not be a “problem”,

if the city would have enforced the residential definition and life qualities that come with the idea of residential neighborhoods,

because of the city’s failure to understand zoning to include the essence and need for “residential neighborhoods” as differentiated from storage grounds, and not let residential yards, streets and neighborhoods become substitute storage yards for items not in strict compliance to preserve the essential character of a residence and residential quality of neighborhoods.

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Jan-25-13 6:08 PM

But of course,

residents should be treated no differently than business people who also have a menagerie of equipment to store, from semi-trucks, trailers, tractor’s,. bull-dozer’s, loaders, crane’s construction materials.

And why, shouldn’t the city and neighborhoods allow these people to store items that produce income and provide jobs, on city streets, store them on their property, all in full view and disturbance to city residents and their neighbor’s and neighbor hoods?

Or, at the very least, allow these business owners to clean these items in their front yards, on city streets, etc., for the same forty-eight (48) hours?

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Jan-25-13 6:07 PM

A concern expressed by some residents who cannot park their campers on their property or street, as to what their alternatives would be available?

Foolishness as such in residential areas, should not have been considered or tolerated in the first place by the city.

Boat and yacht owners then, would and should be accorded the same right to park their boats on their property, public streets, public parking lots, and avoid storage charges, but the city and neighbors frown on this activity.


This is no different than to allow business owners to store inventory on their personal property, whether it is trucking equipment, construction equipment or business storage sheds for inventory.

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Jan-25-13 6:06 PM

Here then are your simple alternatives many of use and consider:

1) Consider, before making the purchase, what YOU intend to do with your possession when it is not in immediate use.

2) Will the purchase of your possession be of immediate concern to YOUR neighbors and YOUR neighborhood,

if you try to store it on public streets or in view of your neighbors?

Why should your problem of storage become YOUR neighbor’s problem, a neighborhood problem, or a city problem?

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Jan-25-13 6:04 PM

3) If storage is an issue,

do YOU really care what YOUR neighbors, pedestrians, other drivers, or passers-by think of YOU and your practice?

4) If placement of these possessions is allowed, will it be alright for semi-trucks and trailers to be accorded the same rights?

5) Store YOUR possessions, large boats, large trailers and RV's where other owners do elsewhere, in a storage yard.

Pay up.

Store it where it belongs!

Don‘t press the city to solve YOUR PROBLEM.

Don’t free-load at the expense of

YOUR neighbors, and

the public,

both who doesn’t want YOUR junk on

public streets, or

in the next yard,

because YOU are too cheap to pay for storage charges.

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Jan-25-13 3:47 PM

if these people cannot afford a big enough yard or place to park it then they probably cannot afford to have a large boat or trailer. unless you have a big enough yard, get a house out of town before investing in big toys. i honestly cannot see how ppl can even tolerate living in town. the lots are so small, houses so close together. you get like no privacy not to mention all the trash near main street mainly in north town by the school.

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Jan-25-13 10:58 AM

very simple. rent space at your local storage business; they have outside parking for boats, rv's, etc.

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Jan-25-13 10:33 AM

"A concern expressed by some committee members Wednesday was what alternatives there are for residents who cannot park their campers on their property or street."

The solution is simple: If you don't have a place to park your giant RV, then don't own one. Your property doesn't have enough space to accommodate all of your toys? Move.

Some of Escanaba's streets are relatively narrow so it is quite dangerous as the parking of some of these trailers effectively turn the streets into one lane.

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