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Reaction to State of the State address

January 21, 2014 EDITOR: As a conservative Democrat, former Deputy sheriff and substitute teacher, I agree with the Governor’s comments (State of the State address) in regards to legislative fiscal responsibilit. more »»

Letter full of inaccuracies

January 21, 2014 EDITOR: The recent letter from Ms. Rosemarie Hall was so full of inaccuracies that I am moved to respond. I will attempt to address her remarks in the order she presented them. 1. more »»

Postal Service support

January 17, 2014 EDITOR: Two Republican senators, Darrel Issa from California and Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, are trying to privatize the United States Postal Service. No doubt there are more. more »»

ObamaCare oppositon

January 17, 2014 EDITOR: “ObamaCare” is not only throwing Grandma “over the cliff,” but also seemingly intent on pitching her entire family along with her. more »»

Don’t fast track the TPP

January 15, 2014 EDITOR: Senators Max Baucus, Orrin Hatch and Representative David Camp have just introduced a “fast track” bill for the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership up for the direct vote of Congress. more »»

Help local recycling efforts

January 13, 2014 EDITOR: I am writing on behalf of those who appreciated the opportunity to recycle in our local area at the Delta County Landfill. more »»

North Central thanks school board

January 13, 2014 EDITOR: Every year at this time, boards of education are recognized for their service to the districts they are elected to serve. more »»

It’s not a happy new year

January 10, 2014 EDITOR: I wish I could say, Happy New Year but, the way our country has gone down hill these past few years, it’s to tragic, the way Washington, has destroyed our great reputation in the world’s... more »»

Hacking at benefits

January 10, 2014 EDITOR: If the Republican Hatchetmen in Washington and Lansing keep hacking away at benefits for social services, especially at their present rate, there will be no monies left by the end of 2014 to... more »»

Be vigilant against the spread of crime

January 3, 2014 EDITOR: Just before Christmas our son, wife and newborn son travelled from Washington, DC to celebrate Christmas with our family in Escanab. more »»

A look at the future

January 2, 2014 EDITOR: “We are approaching the end of another year with Christmas festivities winding down; the new year ushering in with anticipations of greater days ahead with peace and love for all. more »»

Ignorance is alive and well

December 19, 2013 EDITOR: David Duke, former Grand Wizard (National Director) of the Ku Klux Klan was a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and Republican executive-committee chairman in his district. more »»

An article worth reading

December 18, 2013 EDITOR: In the “Top of the Morning” Saturday, 7th of December they had an article on the Affordable Care Act that should be read by everyon. more »»

Hike in minimum wage needed

December 18, 2013 EDITOR: More than half of the families of front-line fast-food workers are enrolled in one or more social service programs and this costs taxpayers nearly $7 billion a year, according to the Labor... more »»

Regain America — elect people who care

December 16, 2013 EDITOR: I cringe when I hear or read the national media ask, “What will Kim Jong Un do next, now that he has ordered his uncle executed. more »»

The reason for the season

December 16, 2013 EDITOR: Twas two months before Christmas when all through our land, not a Christian was prayin’ nor taking a stand. Why the PC police had taken away the reason for Christmas no one could say. more »»

Please help empty the Angel Tree

December 13, 2013 EDITOR: “Last week my daughter, daughter-in-law, and I were in the mall. We ended up at the angel trees near the food court. I didn’t realize how many children were on these trees. more »»

There’s room for Lions and Packers

December 11, 2013 EDITOR: “We can speak, text, email or share photos with anyone, anywhere in the world. We can put a man on the moon and bring him safely back to earth, a 10 year old can call mom from his bicycl. more »»

Get Obama out of the White House

December 11, 2013 EDITOR: “Please tell me what is it going to take before our Congress “impeaches” this so called President Obama. more »»

We need to respect the rule of law

December 11, 2013 EDITOR: As Ben Franklin was leaving after the Constitutional Convention, someone asked, “What kind of government did you give us?”; to which Franklin replied, “A democracy, if you can keep it. more »»



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