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Health Update: Do you eat a healthy breakfast?

February 28, 2015 ESCANABA — You probably remember occasions when you did not have time to eat breakfast. By 10:30, you were ravenously hungry and grabbed a pastry out of the snack machine at work. more »»

IUDs, hormone implants growing more popular among US women

February 28, 2015 CHICAGO (AP) — Long-acting but reversible methods of birth control are becoming increasingly popular among U.S. more »»

Staying free of kidney stones

February 21, 2015 ESCANABA — Comprised of mineral and acid salts, kidney stones come in many sizes and may be formed and passed without causing any symptoms. In other instances, they may cause considerable pain. more »»

Center to cover lung cancer screening

February 21, 2015 ESCANABA — The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently elected to cover annual lung cancer low dose computed tomography (LDCT) screenings for qualifying patients — a decision whic... more »»

Report urges better diagnosis for chronic fatigue

February 21, 2015 WASHINGTON (AP) — Chronic fatigue syndrome is a real and serious disease that needs a new name to reflect that — and a straightforward way to diagnose the illness, a government advisory group... more »»

Drugmaker resubmits women’s sex pill

February 21, 2015 WASHINGTON (AP) — The makers of a twice-rejected pill designed to boost female libido are resubmitting their drug to federal health regulators, following a recent lobbying blitz by politicians,... more »»

What’s causing your dizzy spells?

February 14, 2015 ESCANABA — Most people will experience vertigo or dizziness at some point in their lives. more »»

Why you should, and shouldn’t, worry about measles

February 14, 2015 NEW YORK (AP) — Measles has become relatively rare in the United States, thanks to very effective vaccine. more »»

Irritable Bowels: Quieting the growl

February 7, 2015 ESCANABA — If your bowels have been growling and causing you distress, there are many possible causes, such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. more »»

Hard search for less invasive brain surgery leads to eyelid

February 7, 2015 WASHINGTON (AP) — Doctor after doctor said removing the tumor causing Pamela Shavaun Scott’s unrelenting headaches would require cutting open the top of her skull and pushing aside her brain. more »»

Flu hospitalizations of elderly hit record high, CDC says

February 7, 2015 NEW YORK (AP) — Some new evidence this is a particularly bad flu season: Flu-related hospitalizations of the elderly are the highest since the government started tracking that statistic nine years... more »»

Eliminating trans fat: One more step

January 31, 2015 ESCANABA — Whether you realize it or not, you are probably eating a healthier diet than you were a decade ago. more »»

MDs: Medical pot only OK for sick kids failed by other drugs

January 31, 2015 CHICAGO (AP) — With virtually no hard proof that medical marijuana benefits sick children, and evidence that it may harm developing brains, the drug should only be used for severely ill kids who hav... more »»

Medicare adds star ratings for dialysis centers

January 31, 2015 WASHINGTON (AP) — Medicare is adding a visual tool to help kidney patients compare the quality of dialysis centers: Star ratings. more »»

Abnormal cells in the breast: Is it cancer or not?

January 24, 2015 ESCANABA — “Ductal carcinoma in situ” (DCIS) is a complex medical term meaning abnormal cells (also called a lesion) in a milk duct of the breast. more »»

New privacy concerns over raised government’s health care website

January 24, 2015 WASHINGTON (AP) — A little-known side to the government’s health insurance website is prompting renewed concerns about privacy, just as the White House is calling for stronger cybersecurity... more »»

Cholesterol: Look at risk, not just numbers

January 17, 2015 ESCANABA — With new cholesterol guidelines released in November 2013, doctors are now advised not to adhere strictly to reaching target cholesterol numbers but rather to focus on the broader goal of... more »»

Obese preschoolers may slim down with Head Start, study says

January 17, 2015 CHICAGO (AP) — Head Start programs have been shown to help poor children do better in school, but they may also help them fight obesity, a study suggest. more »»

Trying for test-tube baby? Risks to mom are rare

January 17, 2015 CHICAGO (AP) — Complications are uncommon for women undergoing test-tube fertility procedures: A new 12-year U.S. more »»

Type 2 Diabetes: Keep it in check

January 10, 2015 ESCANABA — Before the discovery of insulin in 1921, treatment of type 2 diabetes consisted of a very low calorie diet–about 450 calories a day. more »»

Poll: Americans support menu labeling

January 10, 2015 WASHINGTON (AP) — More than half of Americans say they already have enough information at restaurants to decide whether they are making a healthy purchase. But they want even more. more »»



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