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No more spelling class? Watts you're opinion?

April 27, 2012 - Dorothy McKnight
GLADSTONE — A journalism school in North Carolina has decided that given the prevalence of spell check applications on computers, smartphones and other devices, it’s no longer necessary to be able to spell words accurately without assistance.

Hooray! Learning to spell correctly has proven two be such a waist of time for all us journalists who routinely spell check hour stories. Of coarse we want to spell everything we right to make sure its write. 

Wear wood we all be if spell check was knot available four us to use? Watt good wood a good story be if it mite contain a bunch of spelling errors? Watt roll wood newspapers and magazines play in educating it’s readers? Hour publications wood knot be worth a read scent.

Its sew embarrassing when ever we receive criticism for spelling errors in hour newspaper. I admit that occasionally we dew knot have time to go back and spell check hour work (their are only sew many ours in a day), and people are oh sew ready two point this out. When ever that happens to me, eye, personally, have a tendency too make a rye face, pail at the rebuke, and if eye’m all ready having a bad day, eye mite even tier up a little, ore want to tare my hare out in frustration and forget the hole thing. Its knot pleasant having to here any complaints.

Butt people have a write two complain. After all, their paying four the publication and have a write too a good product in exchange four they’re doe. Sew it really doesn’t pay four any of us to get hour knows up in the air. Their’s no bouquet of flours four failure.

Eye once had a deer friend who’s ant went threw the paper every day width a read marker and circled every misspelled word with won circle, every pour punctuation mark was circled too times. It was a habit she developed as a pass time. Eye never new watt she saw in this because I have better ways to pass my thyme. Butt eye guess eye shouldn’t make lite of it because a long with sew many other fax, wee can learn some thing knew every day.

Along with the story about the journalism school, the report added that wile spelling is knot emphasized any longer, starting in the fall of 2012, won school will require students to complete a “word choice” section that will test wannabe scribes on problems that spell checkers can’t catch and too test knowledge of commonly confused homonyms, such as they're/their/there, to/too/two, and its/it's.

Whose going to complain about this opportunity? Eye think their’s a knead for this and there write to offer this, and that’s a class that mite help all of us journalists. Every one could benefit bye a little counciling. Although its holy my choice, eye consider myself a principaled person and eye just mite take that coarse my self. Ware can I go to sign up?

Well, now that eye’ve spell checked this too sea if they’re are any errors, eye guess its good two go. Who new it wood bee this easy?

Watts you’re opinion?


Article Comments



Oct-04-13 8:26 PM

Not only, do schools want to drop spelling,

but cursive writing is being dropped by the fools who

administrate 'educashun'.

Somehow, they don't, can't, comprehend, spelling, reading, and writing,

and their dependence and requirement that all aspects of each segment be fully integrated into the reading, writing, spelling and decoding process,

sounding of words in furtherance of reading skills.

These education segments are not naturally intuitive,

and like a welder who must learn practice flat, horizontal, vertical up, vertical down, and overhead, welding, as well as pipe welding skills,

so too, must children have a mastery of all the fundamentals of spelling, reading, writing to further their educational experience.

No part, of the reading, writing, spelling, and decoding processes can be omitted

- computers or not.


Aug-29-13 1:55 PM

U can rite gud, it waz phun reeding.


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