Michigan State Police troopers ready to help

ESCANABA — National Crime Victims’ Rights Week will be observed in 2018 from April 8 – April 14. As the Community Service Trooper here at the Gladstone State Police Post, I would like to take this opportunity to let our local community know a few of the different services those of us here at the Gladstone Post provide. In 2017 the Gladstone Post answered approximately 2,500 calls for service to the communities of Delta and Menominee counties. Approximately 20 percent of those calls involved a traffic crash. Some of those crashes involved victims that were either injured or even killed.

During these trying times post personnel were called upon to deliver death notifications or comfort family members of those that were injured or killed. In addition to those crashes, our post helped numerous people that were victims of larcenies, breaking and enterings, assaults, hit and runs crashes, malicious destruction of property, sexual assaults, elder abuse, fraud, arson, and identity theft to name just a few. Since the MSP instituted the Community Service Trooper position back approximately seven years ago, our communities have seen the positive impact the CSTs have made all throughout Michigan. We have all seen the negative law enforcement incidents that have been captured via social media in recent times throughout our nation.

My position here at the Gladstone Post as our CST is a very important one and I am proud to say that I, and all of our personnel at the Gladstone Post, have helped to continue our overall positive relationship with the communities of Delta and Menominee counties. In the future we here at the Gladstone Post will continue to answer calls for service and we will continue to provide support for those that have been involved in a crash or have been victimized by a crime. Please feel free to stop in and say hi to a Michigan State trooper!

Thank you.

Dale Hongisto