The better candidate for Congress


This coming November, we have the opportunity to elect a representative for the 1st Congressional District who will truly represent the people here in the Upper Peninsula in Washington DC. For the past two years, we have been represented by a man who seems to be terrified of his constituents. Whenever we have asked when he was going to hold a town hall or where we could find him, his office has informed us that that information was not given out in order to protect the Congressman. His whereabouts are only announced after the fact and he has repeatedly threatened to leave events where the response from attendees is not to his liking.

The impression he gives is that he is above those of us he is supposed to be serving. We who pay his salary. It has come to my attention that even when he charges $1,000 per plate to attend one of his own fundraisers, he will not tell potential donors where it will be until after he has received their check. Really?

I hope each of you will take the opportunity to meet and talk with Matt Morgan. He is here in the Upper Peninsula on a regular basis and happy to meet and talk with anyone. His honest concern for the people here in his district shines through. If you meet and talk with him you will almost certainly decide he is the better candidate for your vote and that he will honestly serve and represent you.

Please keep an eye out for one of the many opportunities during this campaign season to meet with and talk to Matt Morgan about the concerns that are important to you. You will be happy that you did.

Helen Mary Sherman