History is very important


I appreciate and agree with Lee Ann Messimer; Aug. 18 Letter to the Editor, Re: history. More and more people don’t know history. I had a couple of very good teachers in school who made it interesting. I looked forward to history class. In high school, Mr. Hirn was exceptional. The others were in other states.

However, when you lump the lack of history being taught with the immigration “problem” happening in this country, I have to call a foul. How many of those mentioned; Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, etc., came into this country across the Rio Grande, or in the back of a semi trailer….Illegally?

Then the flag is brought into the argument. The 1st Ammendment is to ensure that the citizens are not restricted by the government. If I tell one of those that work for me that I require them to be respectful of the flag, then I expect them to be respectful and if they are not they will not work for me. Using the Anthem “protests” as an example of respecting the Anthem, how come the Jacksonville Jaguars knelt for our Anthem when they played in London, then after that, they stood for the British Anthem, God Save the Queen? If the owner of a specific team says that you stand or you don’t play, then that owner has every right to enforce that. Again, if the government says you must stand, then you actually have a choice.

Yes, Lee Ann Messimer, history is very important. We should all remember what has happened; the Civil War, women’s right to vote, the KKK, Senator Strom Thurmond, George Wallace, the Watts riots, Detroit riots, 1968. Those who do not remember the past, are doomed to repeat it.

Tom Grant