Response to letter


I read the letter to the editor by Teresa Ross and I felt compelled to respond. She started out, “Yesterday, Trump referred to undocumented immigrants as animals.” I see two problems with that sentence. No. 1, it is President Trump, not Trump. He was elected and the office deserves respect. No. 2. I don’t believe I have ever heard him refer to illegals as undocumented immigrants. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. Ms. Ross, have you ever seen a body cut up by a chainsaw? That is what MS 13 does. You take issue, along with every liberal, with the term “animal.” Would you call Charles Manson and his gang animals? They cut a baby out of a woman’s stomach. How about John Gacy? Dahmer? Maybe the ISIS beheadings? ISIS put people in a cage and drowned them. They put people in a cage and burned them. Are they animals? MS-13 kills and dis-members innocent people for fun. They are animals!

Next problem. When you bring up refugees, immigrants and illegals and then throw them all together, the lines get blurred. The USA has a system of laws. Your president, Barrack Hussein O., changed a lot of those laws. He said it during his first days in office. He was going to “fundamentally transform” this country. His first trip overseas was the “apology tour.” The one where he bowed to the Saudis and apologized to every country for this country being a bully. President Trump is un-raveling all of that. The illegals that commit crimes are going home. MS 13, the most brutal animals are going back to El Salvador. They have a special prison just for MS 13 members because they are too dangerous.

Your question, “What have we become?” has a simple answer; We have become, or are still becoming, the greatest nation in the world. Get off the CNN, MSNBC, etc., train and hop on board the President Trump train. Plenty of room up here. Or you can stay down there with Russia, Russia, Russia, and Stormy Daniels and her sleazy porn lawyer.

Tom Grant