Escanaba’s reputation


Dear city of Escanaba and especially all the elected and appointed commission officials:

Has anyone who lives other than in Escanaba told you the reputation Escanaba seems to hold on to? I am originally from the U.P., but left when I went on to college and found employment, worked and lived in other parts of the country. I am now retired and am in my miid-70s, still very active and alert. I hold an MBA, my husband is (was) self-employed in construction with a degree in engineering, and both our sons are architects and engineers in civil planning. They have never lived in the U.P. As a family for years we visited and corresponded with relatives and friends and a lot of the time you would never guess what the opening greeting was, “Hey, guess what the city of Escanaba has done now?” Yep, something futuristic down the tubes or up in smoke. Now that we live in a retirement village in Denver, Colo., there are a few others we have met in the area who are also from the U.P, and they say much of the same things, and express many of the same views or impressions we have.

Well the latest sling was the recent ‘no vote’ for new apartments downtown. There are many well-educated and experienced people here who in fact do seem to know a few things about city development. but when they are told how many times the founding fathers fall flat on their faces through refusals instead of working it out — which by the way dates as far back as I can remember in the 50’s they actually keep shooting themselves in the foot and there are times they didn’t have a leg to stand on. The no vote on the apartments is a fine example. Would this have turned out the same way if it was something for the marina in the park? This is how lopsided the thinking is and what Escanaba is known for.

We all thought the location was good due to the proximity to many services such as schools, churches, shopping, restaurants, business agencies, health care such as dentists, the library, courthouse, hotels and may other viable services all within a walking distance. (for poor, elderly, handicapped, anyone).

Now let’s see, how many businesses have left in the past year or so. And, we now hear Elmer’s (restaurant) is closed. I know the next time we are in Escanaba I’ll miss meeting a few people at Elmer’s Restaurant. Or maybe there will not be a next time. There’s lots more going on in Gladstone I hear.

But, Escanaba has low income housing that neither fits man or beast. Oh would there be a possibility of building on the north bay shore, which I think is the best place of all. Love that view.

Laura Danen Leise


originally from

Rapid River area