Cowards of Broward County


I have no problem calling the sheriff and his four deputies cowards. 17 people getting shot and they stayed outside? And to Jim Nelson’s claim that armed guards at schools don’t work. If you have somebody who isn’t afraid to do his job, then armed guards work. The teacher used his own body to protect the students. If armed guards don’t work, then why are there so many armed officers surrounding the government officials in Washington? In the Texas shooting, it ended because somebody with a gun took the shooter out. If there had been anybody with a gun, that was not a coward, the Florida shooting would have been less tragic. Of course, if the FBI and sheriff had done their job prior to that day, it would never have happened. It isn’t the NRA’s fault that 650 people were murdered in Chicago last year. It isn’t the NRA’s fault that a few idiots in Las Vegas allowed a whack-job, or two, to bring all that fire power into a hotel room. The NRA had nothing to do with the planes flying into the World Trade Center, the Halloween truck attack in New York, the truck attack in France, etc.

I don’t own a gun. I had a BB gun as a teenager. I don’t belong to the NRA. I will do everything in my power to never use Delta or United Airlines or Hertz or Avis rental cars again because of their stance on the NRA. They all still support Planned Parenthood though. How many babies were aborted-killed, just today?

The NRA is not the problem here. There are a multitude of problems here. The left screamed that Trump was a fascist. Now the left wants to get rid of guns? Get your stories straight! “Trump better do something.” Or what? Obama did nothing. What would Mr. Nelson want him to do? Take away the guns? Nobody is going to round up 300 million guns. If they tried, I know of a few hundred thousand Michigan folks who would have a problem with that.

Tom Grant