Billy Graham: Preacher


In a time when men that we thought were good are falling like dominoes, why did George Will feel the need to destroy the legacy of the late Rev. Billy Graham?

Rev. Graham never professed to be a prophet or theologian. He was a human being who made mistakes like we all do, but loved God and wanted to share his message.

For 10 evenings in November 1973, I was honored to hear Rev. Graham speak and was also in the crusade choir. There were thousands in attendance every night. Among them were many races and religions, all wanting to hear his words of hope. I doubt that George Will ever gave hope to millions of people.

It bothers me that a good man like Rev. Graham should be presented this way. George Will wasn’t brave enough to write this when Rev. Graham was still living.

You are right George, Billy Graham wasn’t a prophet nor theologian. He was a great preacher.

Linda Lee