Whose responsibility is it?


My question to the Gladstone Board of Education is simple. Whose responsibility is it to ask the questions regarding the Early/Middle College Program and Superintendent Jay Kulbertis?

How did the Gladstone Board of Education this year give Superintendent Jay Kulbertis an overall adjusted score of 3.708, or 92.7 percent on his evaluation? Mr Kulbertis received a 4 (highly effective) in Business and Finance! (Finance committee: Steve Tackman, Jesse Seger, Tom Harrell, Steve O’Driscoll, alternate)

He was “highly effective” in “cooking the books, funny math, alternate math,” and was the Board of Education looking the other way?

In the Daily Press, Jan. 16, 2018, President Linda Howlett stated that “we’re very please with Jay’s performance, and it was a positive evaluation. She also stated in the Daily Press, Jan. 16, 2018, “there were no huge issues or anything we were concerned about.”

What? No huge issues.

And then on Jan. 25, 2018, Daily Press, article stated the Michigan Department of Education (MDC) announced that Gladstone and Rapid River early college programs be discontinued. President Linda Howlett stated “I believe that the way that we have operated our program has been with a focus on what’s best for kids,’ she said. “In the process of doing that, maybe we didn’t pay as much attention to MDE’s requirements and their rational for their requirements as we should have.”

Holding a position on a board of education is serious business and you are accountable for your actions or inactions. Your students and community deserve better, don’t you think?

Another simple question, what was Gladstone’s fund balance before the Early/Middle College Program and what is it now?

Ann Fix