The Clean Air Act of 1990 helped people


The Clean Air Act of 1990. Results after a study how the act affected business and people.

It saved 165,000 lives.

13 million work days

3.2 million school days

130,000 heart attacks

860,000 hospital admissions.

54,000 cases if bronchitis.

One would have to wonder why people think it will damage the big business bottom line. They care less about people and more about the dollar than family. Some call that pure greed.

Between the years from October 2005 and September 2015 the cost amount was only the equivalent to business of .25 of gross domestic product while delivery benedictory to 10 times that amount.

This goes to show you how that most people don’t have a clue how little the Clean Air Act hurt our economic growth. Despite the regulations and regulatory rules the U.S. produced $18.5 trillion of goods and services in 2016. This was more that China, Japan and Germany combined. So why does a TV station tell its watchers the Clean Air is a bad thing?

Ask yourself what recent President in our history put in place such a study of how the act would affect business and our life. Clue: Not Trump

Robert B. Carlson