Reader addresses concerns


Honestly; free from deception. Integrity: adhering to values. Civility; polite expression.

Maybe Prosecutor Strom and Assistant Wickman would like to address two concerns of mine.

I too wrote a letter concerning the child abuse case in Rapid River. Along with Ms. Hoffmeyer and Ms. Scott, we wonder, ask, plead, for a logical reason why Mr. Strom, hearing the words of the judge, seeing the evidence, knowing the mental and physical condition of the two girls, the living conditions… he continued to support the “parents” and not the children? Not once have I read or heard an explanation or an apology. This is what started all this letter writing.

You are both right about not knowing the hours and work you put into a case. I’m a retired teacher, so I know how that feels. We only know the outcomes. That’s why we wonder what could be wrong. And while our “research” may be “amateurish,” it is accurate.

Ignorance is not bliss – it’s the light. Question 2 – Someone needs to explain plea bargaining to me. The Daily Press reports decisions of the court and at times includes a few words of explanation like; “prosecutor agreed to dismiss meth charge and fourth offense” or prosecution agreed to dismiss habitual offender” (this was a 10-year felony for possession of meth to a six-month jail term). I worry, as a taxpayer and voting citizen of Gladstone, Delta County, Mr. Strom, Ms. Wickman how sitting in the courtroom for a couple of days (weeks?) could have changed my opinion of the sentence? It only enlightened the reason why my local police department needs to upgrade their own drug detection with a dog and supporting equipment. It only makes me question the reasons why Delta County has an increase of 156 percent in drug related offenses. It makes me wonder what the problem is here — jail space, court time, not enough prosecutors/staff, money — what?

So if either one or both of you can answer my two questions without a 400 word resume, I would appreciate it.

Honestly, Integrity, Civility – need to be expressed by direct action and results so that lengthy explanations are unnecessary.

Dorothy Bielik