Mulling over the millage


I would be very much in favor of paying higher taxes for roads. If — and that’s a big if — the money was only spent on roads. Years ago, the city paid a lot of money to Wilcox Engineering to x-ray the ground under Ludington Street. They were going to tear it up, but we had to find out what was under there? Of course, we can go way back before I moved back, to the roof on the city hall. How about the power plant? Millions of dollars and then it didn’t work, so we paid the company that sold it to us to fix it. Then we have the 1.2 or 1.7 million dollar “Clock Tower” downtown. I would love to go to the public hearing, but I’ll probably forget.

I will gladly pay if I know the money goes into fixing the roads — not x-raying or paying consultants to do “studies.” We have already sunk enough money into endless pits. How much does that Master Plan cost every time we update it? How much do we pay for the DDA to shoot off fireworks on New Year’s Eve when it’s one below zero? It was a good show from our cars.

Either way, the city will end up getting the millage. If it fails this time they will keep trying. Look at DATA and the jail. I just wish we could guarantee the roads would get fixed.

Tom Grant