Moyle wrong on housing


Dave Moyle. I wish you understood how wrong you are. Plenty of “low income housing” my eye. when I was looking for an apartment, all I heard was no you can’t live here. You have MSHDA, you have an emotional support animal. I finally found someplace that would not only accept my MSHDA but also my beloved Woodstock. Not everyone is blessed to have a decent income. Those of us who have limited incomes are people too. We are not trouble makers or criminals, besides that there is this thing called a waiting list. West Highland has a waiting list of two to three years. What are you supposed to do? Be homeless for two years? Also, some housing is for the elderly or disabled only. Sand Hill is just for families if i am not mistaken. I live close to Sand Hill. I have never had a problem with one of their tenants. so for you to call them out like they are less than human is just wrong.

Jodi Carlson