Millage is unfair to property owners


Mr. Jordan, Mr. Tall, and council members,

I am sending this letter in regards to funding road repair via another discriminatory millage increase. My questions is, how much more of these millage increases do you think we property owners can take? Every other day we’re being socked for more millage. A jail we absolutely don’t need, school sinking fund which is supposed to be covered by the Michigan Lottery, etc.

Many of us in this community are old, retired, disabled, etc. and have extremely limited resources to work with. I alone am forced to spend 85 percent of my Social Security on taxes and insurance. Doesn’t leave much left for food, now does it? Why don’t you people try to find a more balanced solution so that drivers whom do not own property must pay a share, also? You, of all people, should know how many people there are in Escanaba who don’t own property, since it seems to be a major plan to load the city up with low income housing and force the private landlords out of business.

I think it’s time to re-evaluate the people seated on the council and other elected city officials if this is the best they can do. Continuously asking for millage, and then voting repeatedly until it passes is obscene at best. As I said, 85 percent of my income already goes to taxes and insurance, and my property taxes take one month of my annual Social Security payments. I think you should take a long look at those of us who are on extremely limited and miniscule incomes, and those who own numerous income properties and consider the effects. It’s not fair. Penalizing the property owners while the renters, low income and Section 8 people get off without a worry is pure evil. Use your heads. It’s time to look in directions other than property owners.

Greg Tolman Sr.