Low income housing needed


I am writing in response to Commissioner David Moyle’s diatribe against low-income housing on main street, not because I have a dog in the fight, but because his reasoning is severely hypocritical. Hypocritical because he only cares about a master plan when it suits him.

First, he points out that the city of Escanaba has a master plan. That is true, and so does Delta County, although it hasn’t been updated in over 20 years. When a fellow commissioner mentioned reading/updating the plan a few months ago, Mr. Moyle was silent. When another commissioner mentioned that regarding zoning decisions, they were supposed to be adhering to the master plan, Mr. Moyle was silent on that too. In other words, he had no desire to look at the master plan because it didn’t suit him. He has made several decisions in the last few months that go directly against the Delta County master plan, because it didn’t affect him personally. This makes me wonder: has he even read it, or is he willfully ignoring it?

When he was knocking on all of those 1,500 doors, did he also ask those people how much they paid in rent? Or perhaps the reason there were so many vacant apartments is because (as so often happens with low-income housing) they were not well maintained. If Mr. Moyle had consulted with the (very outdated) master plan, he would know that the estimated average per capita income in Escanaba is $22,021 in 2016 and nearly a quarter of the residents live below the poverty level. In short, the average person in Escanaba is low-income. Low-income families right next to the farmer’s market sounds ideal to me since most do not eat enough fresh produce.

You say you want to protect the businesses on main street? How about you start protecting people? If you can’t do that, Mr. Moyle, I suggest you just focus on the tax revenue this will bring to the city since you only seem to care about money. It’s amazing to me (and several of my neighbors) how you now suddenly care about a master plan when the effects will be in your back yard.

Autumn Moore