Low income housing doesn’t belong on main street


The city of Escanaba has a master plan and so does our main street, so why then is a low income apartment complex being considered for the old Northern Motors location? The city fathers just spent $1.7 million on the farmers market and now there is talk of plopping a low income apartment complex right next door. Escanaba has plenty of room for such things in a variety of other locations. Our main street is not an appropriate location for another Sand Hill Apartment complex. Regardless of political ideology, the location is wrong on so many levels it begs the question, why is this even being considered for this location?

During my last election I knocked on 1,500 doors in Escanaba. It amazed me how many apartments there were for rent, most duplexes and triplexes that would vendor to low income persons or families. In simple terms, there is no shortage of places for families on the social safety net to rent. What we have a shortage of in this city appears to be commons sense if this is approved for the proposed location of the old Northern Motors building. I work with disabled kids five days a week, most of whom are from low income families. So my concerns are not a knock against low income people, rather far from it. The Escanaba City Council needs to protect the businesses on main street by making sure this gets put up somewhere else in our community.

David Moyle