Gun control reaction


I was encouraged when I read Friday morning that some businesses which offer perks to National Rifle Association (NRA) members are ending their support for the NRA. Good for them I say.

The NRA has been the bully on the block since 1975. During this time the gun lobby has been more successful achieving its goal of absolute unrestricted gun ownership, than any other lobby in the United States.

Other news contradicting NRA aims came to light Friday also. (The organization has renewed its call for armed guards, even armed teachers, in our schools to minimize killings.) Unfortunately that tactic didn’t work at this school. There was an armed guard on the school grounds at the time of the shooting, but instead of entering the school and confronting the shooter, he took a defensive position outside the school.

Last Thursday, NRA Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre said those who want to restrict gun sales “hate the Second Amendment, they hate individual freedom.” No Mr. LaPierre. That is totally not true. Because we are people who want to protect our child from machine guns in schools, definitely does not mean we “hate the Second Amendment [and]… individual freedom.” It means we want common sense gun laws.

However, Mr. LaPierre, if you continue spouting your radical nonsense, it wouldn’t surprise me that you’ll be looking for a new job yourself, before long.

Jim Nelson