Fake news and conspiracies


Seems like fake news (alternative facts) has become the new buzzword. Is there such thing as truth in journalism anymore? Conservatives go Fox direction and liberals to CNN and MSNBC. Is there middle ground?

Readers — let’s be careful what we read. It can be really hard to discern fake from real. Some news facts we hear can be exaggerated, slanted and way too subjective — the case for years now.

Watch out for “fake.” Here are some of what I have heard recently, news and conspiracies: President Obama now heads up a shadow government ready to “take over.” Obama while President was going to declare martial law before the 2016 elections to stay in power. One local guy told me that if this unrest continues, he is one of 10,000 patriots nationwide ready to take over. One other guy told me that no matter who won in 2016, the other side would revolt big time. Recently, a well-known researcher published information proving that all liberals are certifiably insane. Weeks later another researcher proclaimed that conservatives were. Who’s right — libertarians? Someone local just told me that by March 15 the earth’s south and north poles will switch places.

Some of these same folks claim to have seen Elvis, Jimmy Hoffa, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. The National Enquirer, a big fake news source, weekly writes about pregnant nuns, demented clergy and how you should avoid bananas or aspirin — this week. And, of course, JFK was assassinated by LBJ, the FBI or a Swedish emissary. And, many are convinced that UFOs constantly enter earth’s atmosphere.

Others digging up dirt are convinced that Abe Lincoln was gay, our nation’s founders were anything but Christians — thus denying that the Ten Commandments and our Constitution have zip to do with Judeo-Christian values. Oh, yeah, Michelle Obama is transgender.

Are the following statements true or false? Within 30 years much of Western Europe will be rife with Muslim dominance. The U.S. low birthrates and high death rates will soon cause considerable calamities — maybe we should stop aborting kids. A charismatic Muslim from Detroit is aiming to win the Democratic nomination for Michigan’s governor. (Why that party?) Term limits on D.C. politicians may soon be instituted. Michigan could go the way of Washington and Colorado with new highly-debated “pot laws.” The fastest growing age group now using porn is 11-17 year old males. “Most Muslims are not terrorists but most terrorists are Muslim.

Let’s be careful with Russian interventions, weather tragedies, totally new gun laws, Enquirer headlines, life and death conspiracies, Black and/or White insurrections and purported real photos of the Kennedys, Bushs, Trumps and Clintons, Brad and Angelina and the Kardashians. Will the Waco fanatics, the KKK or Al Sharpton be our demise? Let’s get real.

Maybe the only true fact is the statement that “everything is relative.” Is truth up to us or determined already by God? (I don’t want to be the person determining truth.)

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba