Escanaba’s millage is unfair


Mr Tolman Sr.’s letter of Feb. 24 entitled Millage is unfair to property owners and addressed to the mayor and council members (and I would add our property assessment board), summed up many of my concerns which escalated, as his must have when my notice of assessment came and my property taxes went up. This in spite of living in a “transitional neighborhood” deteriorating because once single owner homes are being bought cheap and chopped up into rarely repaired costly, rentals.

I know my house would sell for less now in spit of the fact that somewhere in my modest area someone paid too much for a few house. Fixed income/Medicare recipients raises were gobbled up by an increase in costs/withdrawals from our checks. the (former) middle class cannot pass millage etc… No matter how noble the requests. Elections should never be run until the question’s desired results are obtained. The Lottery should cover the school sinking fund. The casino’s contribution should go up. In good conscience our city officials should put a freeze on pay and benefit increases until they tap into other sources of tax income to fill in the gap.

Get creative. Please fulfill the responsibilities of your office and represent us.

Fran Balcerak