Enbridge has commitment


I am writing in response to Andrew Heller’s December 6 column, “Business as usual for Enbridge.” As it pertains to our commitment to safely providing propane and more than 6,000 other everyday products made possible through Line 5, we do intend to continue business as usual. At the same time were are taking new actions to enhance safety and to further protect the waters of the Great Lakes while making sure the State of Michigan and the public are informed every step of the way.

Though tests show Line 5 is operating safely, we are committed to reducing risks and enhancing environmental protection, particularly through the state’s treasured waterways. In spite of our robust safety and maintenance program, we understand we have fallen short in reassuring Michiganders about the integrity of Line 5.

We have heard the concerns from Michiganders, as well as from state leaders, and we are listening. The agreement between Enbridge and the State will enhance Line 5 operations while continuing to allow the important benefits Line 5 delivers to Michigan families and businesses.

Enbridge has agreed to:

– Implement measures to reduce the possibility of an anchor strike in the Straits;

– Replace the St. Clair River crossing using a horizontal directional dig well beneath the water crossing;

– Evaluate replacement options for the pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac;

– Evaluate other protective measures for Line 5 water crossings beyond the Straits; and,

Increase coordination with the State to foster timely review of inspection data.

These are significant operational changes. Line 5 has safely and reliably provided energy to people for more than 60 years. We hope our shared appreciation for the Great Lakes and commitment to environmental protection will lay the foundation for a new era of trust and show our commitment to safely and responsibly transporting energy for Michigan.

Blake Olson

Enbridge Operations