Debate over the prosecutor’s office


Recently many letters to the Press have questioned the Delta County Prosecutor Philip Strom and his office. I will refer to the two young sisters from Rapid River. Mr. Strom believes they should be united/returned to their parents. Many agree, many do not.

Before you form your opinion, do what I did. Go to the Delta County Courthouse and through the “Freedom of Information Act” you may get a copy of Judge Goebel’s opinion on the Rapid River Child abuse case. Judge Goebel wrote this on Aug. 9, 2017. It is 37 pages long. That’s right, 37 pages.

I was personally sickened after reading this document. If anybody after reading Judge Goebel’s 37-page opinion on these poor girls, and the conditions they had to live in, still believes these children need to be with their parents, all I can say is you need to read it again. Facts are facts.

No child should have to live in such a crude and barbaric environment as these little girls had to.

Now recently, a comparable case has surfaced in Delta County. Bonds have been set at over a half a million dollars for the accused individual in this child abuse case. I do not recall any such bonds in the Rapid River case. Mr. Strom, where is the justice? You claim your office handles thousand of cases a year. Can you and your staff handle the load with “Justice for All?” (where have I heard that line before?)

Recently you have publicly defended yourself and your staff. It seems Mr. Strom, you have found one of the last remaining phone booths, dove into it, emerged in your “Superman” costume and said, “Citizens, let me tell you how hard I work and how great I am.” Mr Prosecutor, did you ever read Judge Goebel’s 37-page opinion?

In closing, I ask a favor. Mr. Strom, I hope when these two little girls from Rapid River are adults, you will please look them up. Tell them about how when they were children, you really wanted to make their lives better.

Andrew “Jay” Brodersen