Children should feel safe at school


First, I’ll begin with the fact that there are 14 year old youths that are planning a march on Washington in March. Now, do you think that’s a normal concern for a 14 year old? I think not. when I was 14, I was daydreaming about what I wanted to do in the world, not being afraid of being shot at school, where you should simply feel safe and learn.

I don’t even know where to begin to speak out on this. It’s becoming the “norm.” Very sad.

I’m writing in response to the shooting at the school in Parkland Fla. i find it an absolute outrage that so many things could have been done to prevent more killings of our children.

Second, as far as guns go, I see absolutely no need for semi-automatic of automatic assault rifles in civilian community. It’s as easy as 15 minutes to get one unless you are recorded as a person who has arrests or mental Illness. People who have mental Illness have no help and lets look at repercussions of that. Get the guns off the market.

Trixy Britton