Assault gun ban didn’t stop violence


The worst case of school violence in our history as a nation occurred in Bath, Mich., in 1948. A disenfranchised superintendent loaded up his truck with TNT driving it into an elementary school killing 48 children.

The Florida shooting has this country more polarized then ever. On Feb. 23, Mr. Nelson’s letter to the Daily Press stated “assault weapons should be banned.”

Please consider the following factual information. From 1994 through 2004, President Clinton’s assault weapons ban imposed rigid restrictions on the sale of long rifles. Rifles with a military or paramilitary appearance were outlawed. Even bayonet lugs and high-capacity magazines were banned, as well as AR and AK type rifles. It’s a fact that Clinton’s ban did nothing to reduce gun violence in the United States. There are no FBI crime statistics that can support the statement that the 1994 ban saved even one life. What really occurred was that law abiding U.S. citizens were restricted in their ability to purchase and own various types of firearms. A question asked by Mr. Nelson irritates me to my core. “Why does someone need that kind of gun?”

My answer is simple. It’s none of your business as long as I’m a law-abiding citizen and a non-felon, or a known subversive.

Instead of looking at real pragmatic solutions that all 50 states can use to protect their kids, people are displaying a very predictable emotional reaction to this horrible tragedy.

Teaching self-defense for 35 years, I’ll prove to you action is faster than reaction. Reacting to this tragedy by banning Armorlite rifles will not stop these shootings. The simple truth of this matter is if Nicholas Cruze had a 12 gauge, the mortality rate could’ve doubled or tripled. We have a problem in our society that goes far deeper than blaming the NRA. If you look at the warning signs of the Florida shooter, you will see failure at every level. The FBI was contacted twice regarding Cruze. The Broward County Sheriffs Department had been to his home over two dozen times. Even the security cameras at the school we’re not running in real time, but were on a partial delay. Not to mention the abject failure of the mental health system.

Anything can be an assault weapon. According to FBI crime statistics, twice as many Americans are killed every year by hands and feet then by Armorlite rifles? So what’s next? Are we gonna force everyone to wear hand and foot pads?

The tone that many are taking seems to be “do you want to keep our kids safe or support the NRA.”

Truth be told I’m not a member of the NRA anymore, they’re far too willing to compromise. I suggest NAGR, the National Association of Gun Rights. We are most capable of keeping our children safe and keeping our government away from restricting our rights as law abiding citizens.

David Moyle