You have the right to speak up


When I was going to college, a statement my advisor and professor stated many times was to stand up for your beliefs and he often mentioned the fact he was surprised at our college that nobody protested anything that they believed in.

I recently saw a story about Charles Murray wanting to speak out at a college on his book called “The Bell Curve,”, which in his opinion, states that race plays a part in intelligence. College students protested so much that he was escorted out.

I’m frankly happy those students protested and stood up for what they believe in. I think it’s ridiculous that 54 percent of college students are afraid to say what they think, which was taken by a recent poll.

We’re supposed to have freedom of speech and sometimes it seems we do not have it. It shouldn’t matter if people agree with your or not, you should have the right to your opinion and if you don’t agree, then you have the right to speak up.

Trixy Britton