How things change


I was born in Delta County during the Great Depression. We lived near Schaffer. Mom and Dad could chip in 10 cents on a gallon of homemade moonshine and have a good time on someone’s barn thresh-floor with friends on Saturday night.

Almost immediately came World War II, where most eligible men over 17 were shipped to training camps and then war. No one thought to dodge the draft (war) five times.

Soon, I volunteered in the Korean War.

Then came Vietnam — the American political battle to see if military manufacturing (for the war) could dominate America.

The identical thing happened in the Middle East.

All of these were dreadful across America, including Michigan.

Equally dreadful could be the fact that Michigan (In 2018) is ranked dead-last in per-child spending in all of America. Shame on our Governor and Legislature.

We don’t hear a word from them about this. Michigan was ranked among the top five states for schools in the country in the early 1970s.

Dr. Bill Finlan

Wells Township