Concerns with prosecutors office


In the Dec. 28 Escanaba Daily Press, we read that a 33 year old man was found not guilty of felony assault. After a three day trial, that Prosecutor Strom’s office handled, this man was only found guilty of a misdemeanor, which is a little slap on the wrist. He was accused of attempting to strangle or suffocate (a 10 year felony) a pregnant woman, and kept her from calling for help. (two year felony) The woman and her unborn child are lucky to be alive. I am confused. If this case was serious enough to get to circuit court trial, why wasn’t this man convicted? Is Prosecutor Strom making poor decisions about which cases to send to trial? Is the office poorly preparing cases? It sounds quite serious to me, and it seems worthy of our lead prosecutor’s full attention.

The Delta County Prosecutor’s office seems to lose or plea down many cases involving violent crimes, and does not seem to be putting effort forth to protect innocent victims. Recently, a 28 year old man was found not guilty of raping a five year old girl. That man will be free to go back and visit or live in the home where that child resides. Was our prosecutor in court for this case? What percentage of trial cases does out prosecutor win?

Lastly, in spite of indisputable evidence of extreme neglect and abuse, over a period of years, Prosecutor Strom is still advocating that the parents of the little girls from Rapid River should have another day in court. Without Peanut, the dog, the little girl found by the icy raging river could have died within minutes. No matter how likable these parents may appear in church, facts in the case are very clear. Prosecutor Strom, Michigan Health and Human Services, and a host of other agencies service providers, and medical personnel failed these children, miserably. Now, they deserve a loving, capable family and a real chance at life.

Why isn’t Prosecutor Strom advocating and seeking justice for the weakest and the victims in our community? A Child Advocacy Center located here by an independent agency cannot serve children, if our prosecutor does not perform his duties. Please contact Prosecutor Philip Strom in the Delta County Courthouse if you too have concerns.

Kathie Scott

Bark River