Canadian wind farm study


In 2013, the Canadian government hired a team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study complaints about wind farms. The complaints were about health, noise, visual pollution, and low frequency vibrations. The team couldn’t find any reason to suspect a correlation between the wind farm and health. Visual and noise concerns were determined by whether or not the person received royalties from the wind farm.

One group thought the turbines were pretty and a little noisy while the other group thought ugly and very noisy. In the end, they decided that most of the critics were bothered because they wanted to be bothered.

It sounds like the same in Garden. Many of the most vocal complainers live miles away from the wind farm and don’t have a good reason besides, “I just don’t like ’em.” They tend to be outsiders who’ve moved there to retire.

The royalties from the wind farm, which amount to about $250,000 a year — 14,684 one ounce pieces of silver — goes to 52 property owners which just seems to generate resentment. The infusion of tax dollars from the third biggest taxpayer in the county into the village, township, school, and other entities in the county should earn a little respect, but doesn’t seem to matter.

I’ve come to the conclusion, like they study group from MIT, they just want to be bothered.

James Collins