Tax cuts and deficits


Now that Republican tax cuts for corporations and the super-rich will add 1.5 trillion dollars ($1.5000,000,000,000) to the deficit, how will they fund the massive investment in infrastructure that Trump promised? Will they shrink the bloated military budget? No. Will they withdraw huge subsidies to big oil and pharma? No. Will they cut the salaries and perks that they have voted themselves as members of Congress? Absolutely not.

Unless they borrow more money and add more debt, they will have to steal from the hard-earned wages of working people by raiding Social Security and Medicare to which not a penny has been contributed from the capital gains, dividends or interest income paid to those who just got “the biggest tax cut in history.” To keep the promise to invest in infrastructure, the Republicans will also have to cut veterans’ benefits, child healthcare and nutrition programs, and a host of other “entitlements” needed to feed, shelter and care for the the elderly, the disabled, the homeless and others who are the least fortunate among us. Merry Christmas.

Nino E. Green