Marijuana and NFL don’t mix


I am a Boy Scout in the Escanaba-Gladstone area. I am also a football player and a big fan of watching football every Sunday. What I dislike about the NFL (National Football League) is suspensions for drug violations. Marijuana highlights the top of the list of drugs. Most players support the idea of using marijuana for “medicinal purposes.” I do not support this idea because it does not help you, it just makes you addicted to it. One in 12 people who smoke marijuana once become addicted. Also, a marijuana “joint” contains four times as much tar as tobacco-based cigarettes, according to the American Lung Association. In a 1990 study done by David Watts and Loyd Wright, it examined the relationship between drug use and delinquent behavior among 348 high school males (154 whites, 172 Mexican-Americans, and 22 African Americans) and 89 adjudicated delinquent males confined to a maximum security prison for violent and repeat offenders (37 whites, 25 Mexican-Americans, 27 African Americans). It revealed that the use of illegal drugs were all significantly related to both minor and violent delinquency for all three racial groups.(Vol. 25, Iss. 97) The substances used in the experiment included alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. I think just because you are an NFL player and you make millions of dollars, you shouldn’t be above the law. Aren’t you supposed to be a role model for young children? Aren’t you supposed to show kids the right path in life? These players know they are being watched by everyone. They get mad that their suspension did not get appealed. You broke the law! Why should you get an appeal? I think their should be changes made and stricter policies for drug violations.

Gregory Chenier