All about the money


This is in response to Bart Hautala of Heritage Energy. In his letter to the editor, Bart claims Heritage’s windmills are “not about the money”. So why aren’t you erecting industrial turbines in your hometown of Traverse City instead of the Garden Peninsula which is only a little over three miles wide? My guess is the residents in Traverse have a lot deeper pockets and can afford to fend off lawsuits like you filed against Schoolcraft County when they imposed 3,000 foot setbacks or when you filed a lawsuit against Garden Township when they passed a nighttime noise ordinance so the residents could get a good night’s sleep.

You also stated Heritage is all about transparency. You claim “you want to make the world a better place”. Then why have you ignored the United States Fish and Wildlife’s repeated requests since 2007 to “not build on the Garden Peninsula”? Bart, you are recently just one of many high turnover managers that have come to Garden under Heritage’s development, so please do not try to con me and the rest of the community with claims, it is not about the money.

Jim Peasley

Fairbanks Township