Actions speak louder than words


I find it interesting that Delta County is getting the first Child Advocacy Center in the U.P. and it appears Delta County Prosecutor Phil Strom is promoting the concept because according to him it will offer children victims different services including advocacy services. This is counter intuitive to the position he took with the poor little three year old girl in Rapid River, who, this spring was found outside naked, lying in the flood plain of the Tacoosh River freezing, minutes from death. Except for the intervention of Peanut, the dog rescued from the Delta Area Animal Shelter, that little girl would have died!

Prosecutor Strom wanted to reunited that girl and her sister with her neglectful and abusive parents. Luckily, those girls had a guardian ad litem and knowledgeable probate judges advocating for them. Why didn’t Prosecutor Strom advocate for those girls? To this day, Prosecutor Strom is still requesting the Michigan Court of Appeals to overturn Judge Goebel’s order terminating the parental rights so Prosecutor Strom can send those little girls home to live with their neglectful and abusive parents.

Why now the about face from Prosecutor Strom? Has Prosecutor Strom had a change of heart about the children of Delta County, or is some other political motivation driving his agenda? In my opinion Prosecutor Strom has some very serious explaining to do when it comes to being an advocate for children in Delta County. Granted, Prosecutor Strom has only two years experience as the elected prosecutor in Delta County and maybe this inexperience led him to make the wrong decision in the Rapid River case, but what leads him to continue his appeal to the Michigan Court of Appeals to overturn Judge Goebel’s ruling to terminate the parental rights? How can Prosecutor Strom want to send those poor little innocent neglected and abused girls back to live with their parents and now stand before the citizens of Delta County and promote a Child Advocacy Center and portray himself as a champion of child advocacy?

We need a prosecutor in Delta County who has a firm and consistent stance when it come to neglected and abused children. We don’t need a prosecutor that takes every photo op to promote himself and fails miserable to protect the children of our county. Actions speak louder than words and your actions tell me everything I need to know about you Mr. Strom. Your actions are not for the children of Delta County.

Sharri Rye