Wrong location for drug rehab center


I saw the article on the front page of the Nov. 14, 2017, paper and was shocked to see that the city approved a drug rehabilitation center next to a daycare – preschool and two schools. What were people on the planning commission thinking? A previous request was denied on close to bars. But its ok to put it where they can go out their backyard and watch little innocent children playing in a daycare playground. Did anyone of these people who approved it go and stand in the yard to see the children playing. Do they even care? I think its great to help others, but some folks can never change. I know some people who go in and out of drug court, finally to get sent to prison because they couldn’t or didn’t want to change. It’s not about the drug center, it’s about the location. I’m told there are a lot of drugs getting into jail, so they most certainly will get into this center.

I’ve had grandchildren who went to that daycare and now great-grandchildren and their lives are just as important as preventing “Incarceration stigma to drug addict” put it in the country where they will be less apt to get drugs and protect the innocent. I may not be politically correct, but my great-granddaughter is also a blessing from God and I will help God protect her.

Janet Dault