Women, men taking a stand


I’m very disturbed by all of the stories that are coming out of the woodwork on sexual harassment and sexual assault cases all over the news.

The sad thing is that those stories that are aired on TV aren’t even close to the amount of cases that have not been reported or recognized.

As a woman, and one that is not ashamed to be one that says “Me Too,” I want to be one of the women that says “Enough is Enough” and this is not normal behavior and absolutely unacceptable. I was ashamed and didn’t want to say a word either. I’m certainly not saying this doesn’t happen to men too, and I feel this has been happening for years and years, it’s just “finally” coming out like it should have years and years ago. Women and men are finally getting the courage to stand up and say it against the evil people that thought they could “shut us up,” especially those who are in a position of power and feel they can throw their weight around and intimidate us. I hope people really stop thinking of this as something that is “normal”, it’s anything but that.

It’s an epidemic that needs to be talked about without shame.

I think we can all see what positions of power and authority can do to some people. They feel they can abuse their power and think they have control over others and scare them into silence, and I’m not just taking about people in high positions, It’s authority control in your own families and friends too.

I’m very happy to see women and men are finally taking a stand and breaking the silence. Very proud of all who does it.

Trixy Kossow