What happened to common sense?


Many of us may have become aware of an effort afoot in Michigan to advance the cause of political correctness to levels of idiocy that will reach into our public schools by limiting and redefining what we can call our team mascots. For generations we have cheered the Escanaba Eskimos with pride. Now if a band of self appointed guardians of the public trust has its way, Escanaba Public Schools might loose as much as $16 million in state aid. That is if we continue to use such dastardly pejoratives as Eskimos. Who died and left this ninnies in charge anyway?

Here is my fix for this type of stupidity: The Rapid River Rockets simply won’t work as a mascot name. They will be forced to change their name. Because Rockets fly high in the air and that might offend the people who can’t fly on the ground.

The Gladstone Braves can’t work because the implication would be that if you are not a Brave you are a coward. The Manistique Emeralds won’t cut it either because only the very rich can afford emeralds, leaving the rest of us poor slobs with something a lab created.

The Bark River Broncos will have to be changed as well, because in order to ride a horse, you first must subijacate it. That means forcing the horse to do what you want it to. Come to think about it, isn’t that similar to modern day liberalism? You know liberals, these are the people that are smarter then the rest of us that have to save us from our own stupidity. So here is my prayer, God please save us from these morons and deliver us from the clutches of this diseased thought process. Since the Lord helps those who help themselves, why do we help ourselves by simply voting these tools out of office. Nicknames don’t define anything what ever happened to common sense?

David Moyle