Expressing our views


Tim DeClaire wrote to the Escanaba Daily Press to respond to Trixy Kossow’s letter — the point of an op-ed feature. Ms. Kossow may not have articulated her opinions as clearly as she intended, but Mr. DeClaire made her point in his bullying tone, saying she has no right to her opinions if they are “based on falsehoods and lies” and mentioned a contended war on women “based on political and media bias.” Really? You should thank the Daily Press for allowing each of us to say whatever we want, without repercussion. I, like most readers, can appreciate both writers’ points of view. They may raise my ire and incite me to express my view, but not much more.

And by the way, some people (more men than women) do intimidate or physically, emotionally, or sexually abuse others. For example, most of our elected officials and heads of business are old white guys. While most are decent and respectful, a few of those guys holding the power have exerted it over others. If Mr. DeClaire has children — girls or boys — I am certain he could become violent if he found someone lorded this power by sexually abusing one of them. And if you talk to many women, they could tell you about instances ranging from crass behavior (I was just kidding) to unwanted touches or worse (look at the way she dresses – she’s asking for it). Look at our current social climate; many more women and men are coming forward with such reports of events that took place recently or in the past. Men in Hollywood are being fired, while guys in Washington DC — like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton — continue to be elected.

Rita Wickham

Rapid River